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View Poll Results: (Check all that apply) I suffer from GAD/panic and...
...I also have pain/discomfort in my gut on a regular basis 11 57.89%
...I also have chronic pain/discomfort in a specific area of my body other than my gut 10 52.63%
...I have chronic pain/discomfort, but not in a specific area of my body 2 10.53%
...I have no chronic pain or discomfort 3 15.79%
...OTC painkillers (eg. Paracetamol) help with both my pain and my anxiety 2 10.53%
...OTC painkillers help with my pain but not my anxiety 2 10.53%
...OTC painkillers don't help with my pain or anxiety 5 26.32%
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Old 16-08-18, 17:50
Capercrohnj Capercrohnj is offline
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Re: Do you have GAD/panic? If so do you also have an ongoing problem with physical pa

Originally Posted by jonchoo View Post

Am I to infer that there have been times when they weren't normal?
There's no way all this is a coincidence. Inflammation is the key.
I have Crohn's disease so yes when in a flare they aren't normal. What I'm saying I have depression and anxiety all the time not just when I have inflammation. If inflammation is the key then wouldn't it stop when the inflammation is gone?

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So many drugs interact with each. I have had pharmacists refuse to give me meds because of interaction issues (I'm on dom peridone). I've had more than 2 long term drugs stopped and replaced because of this. I've never had a pharmacist say anything about prednisome and anti depressants. The bleeding risk is definitely related to the NSAIDs. That's why I can't take ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxin, toradol etc.
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Old 17-08-18, 08:16
jonchoo jonchoo is offline
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Re: Do you have GAD/panic? If so do you also have an ongoing problem with physical pa

wouldn't it stop when the inflammation is gone
Perhaps the inflammation is never really gone. As I understand it, Crohns is a chronic disorder that doesn't ever 'go away' and 'come back'.
I may be using the term 'inflammation' in a way that isn't compatible with the medical usage. They seem to describe something as 'inflamed' only when they can pick up certain chemical markers.
I'd argue that if you have Crohns (and any number of other conditions) then your gut is never going to be 'well' or 'healed'. It is going to send out 'distress' & 'damage' signals (via chemical messages) constantly, because it is always 'inflamed' / 'damaged' / 'distressed' / [pick a word]. This is more or less the idea that I started with in this thread : http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/showthr...76#post1816176
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gad or panic, ongoing, pain, physical, problem

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