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Old 24-01-09, 09:37
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Re: Emetophobia and Norovirus

hi everyone. I've always had this phobia (ever since my cousin threw up on my flip-flop feet in the car) but it has recently started to become worse. I have 2 children, 3months and 18 months. Well, recently my entire household became ill with the norovirus. It started with my mom who lives downstairs. The first time we had her watch the 3 month old while my husband and I took 18 month old to see christmas things and she was violently ill when we returned. My 3 month old is the only one who didn't get it which shocked me b/c my mom pretty much threw up on her the illness came on so suddenly. Well, I disinfected as best I could but me, hubby and 18 month old all got it.

I was just getting over the illness when hubby and son got it. I didn't get it so bad, only vomited once. I felt horrible b/c when my son was sick I had to make my sick husband deal with him. He had never thrown up before and had no idea what was going on. I really had no problem at the time cleaning up but now I lay awake at night listening to the monitor. I make my husband go check on him if he starts crying. He can't tell me when he feels sick yet so now I fear every cry is a tummyache!

My anxiety is so much worse at night. I don't know if it will lessen on it's own gradually or if I should seek help? I'm on maternity leave now but the worse thing is that I'm a nurse and have to deal with vomiting all the time. I'm usually fine at work...it's when family is sick that really brings on the anxiety. Hubby works in retail and getting him to frequently wash his hands has been tough. I have hand sanitizier everywhere. He doesn't see the importance of frequently washing. I have streaks of lysol running down the walls under all the light switches.

I don't want to be afraid of being sick! What are the treatments for it?
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emetophobia, norovirus

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