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Old 05-01-08, 00:55
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Unhappy Norovirus

I am in a state :( don't know how to control myself i'm terrified of this stomache bug thats going around, winter vomiting virus whatever it's called, i have had emitaphobia for years and have been coping well, this time of year is always bad for me because of this dam virus, but this year is particularly bad because it says it's spreading like wild fire and everyone is likely to catch it :( the very thought just makes me want to end it all, i cant cope at all right now i am desperate, i have scrubbed my hands untill they are bleeding and now don't want to eat food (another bad idea as i weigh so little because of this phobia anyway as i eat next to nothing)
If anyone can offer me any support or possitive words i'm all ears cos right now i got nothing and no one, in my head everyone has had/got this virus or knows someone who has it.
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Old 05-01-08, 01:26
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Re: Norovirus

Hi Sharon,
all i can say is I DONT KNOW ANYONE who has had this! The media do like to make a drama out of everything. Chances are you will not get it, hopefully all the media interest will calm down in a few days and in turn you will be able to too.
Take care
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Old 05-01-08, 01:40
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Re: Norovirus

I agree with doglover i do not know ANYONE whos had it or anyone who knows someone with it. I think the media are just looking for another story tbh.
One day you will be rewarded for your struggles and praised for your fighting spirit
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Old 05-01-08, 02:09
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Re: Norovirus


Well I really don't intend to worry you, I'm writing this in hope it will help. Both my bf and I have had this virus over xmas time, but please try not to panic too much over it, it really wasn't that bad at all. It's like any old virus, and it doesn't last for too long.

I have two small children, 8yr old and 5yr old and they never caught it at all, so not everyone around will necessarily catch it.

It's not worth the panic, the Media hype thing's up. xx
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Old 05-01-08, 13:35
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Re: Norovirus


I posted the same problem in the "panic" section of the forum. I am really worried about it. I have had emetophobia for years, but i "thought" i was doing okay with it, until something like this is hanging around. I had a tummy bug twice last year, but i didn't throw up. I felt really bad, gagging etc, but this is the honest truth, the WORST part of it was the day after and the aches, pains and fever that i had to cope with. Because of having a bad stomach, i didn't want to take painkillers, i couldn't lay comfy for love nor money.

I am not looking forward to my boy going back to school on Monday, however, IF he gets it, i will have to deal with it then.

DO NOT STOP EATING. If you don't eat you are not getting the vitimins you need to fight viruses. I eat loads of veg every single day - not eating is the worse thing you can do.

I am not putting myself into positions where i am surrounded by people, but i did get my haircut today, NOTHING, was going to stop that...


Panic attacks started in 1992. 1998 i became agoraphobic which lead into being room bound. Couldn't even get upstairs. 2002 i started getting better, able to drive and work. 2005 i became house bound again. 2009 i have been making SLOW progress, still not able to go anywhere alone, but my journeys are getting longer. No where near 'normal' but at least i can go out.
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Old 05-01-08, 18:27
franfhm franfhm is offline
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Re: Norovirus

Sharon, I too am feeling very similar to you right now, so your not alone.

I don't want to go to work for fear of catching it, I almost had to leave yesterday as a woman ran in to the toilets to be sick when I was there and I panicked.

I have to go to a party later as I cannot let my friend down - but the thought of all those people in one place who I do not know is scaring me stupid.

Roll on the summer - this time of year is awful, your not alone Sharon *hugs*
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Old 05-01-08, 23:57
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Re: Norovirus

Hi all, thanks for the words of comfort.
Fran i do hope you go on ok at the party hopefuly you will manage to enjoy it as best you can, it's hard when your worried but then don't want to let people down.
I'm feeling no better at all, i can not get these thoughts out of my head, daughters come home from work and said her friend is ill, she has a cold....... i don't belive that i am certain it's this dam virus and i'm next aghhh.
On the bright side i have put the news on and they never mentioned IT so hopefuly its passing, oh please god let that be so :(
Sharon xxx
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Old 06-01-08, 01:05
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Re: Norovirus


Well it seems there is no denying it - Norovirus is doing the rounds this year.

Washing your hands is really important IF you are likely to be in contact with someone who has it. Please.....there is no need to wash your hands until they bleed Just keep them 'socially clean'

If you do catch it, it really isn't the end of the world. I had food poisoning recently....I'm not going to lie - it was horrid. I spent all night 'eliminating' from both ends and felt terrible. But, it was a few hours and then it was gone. I don't want Norovirus either, but it's just one of those things. Fortunately they tend to be over quickly.

Just follow the advice they're giving on the news - clean hands (NOT bleeding!), don't share towels etc etc

I'm sure you'll be right fine

'If you're going through hell, keep going' (Winston Churchill)

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Old 06-01-08, 11:41
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Re: Norovirus

I'm glad there are others who are worried about this! I have woken up feeling not quite ontop of the world today and I'm supposed to be going to Tesco with my friend. I need to buy food but supermarkets are a struggle at the best of times, let alone when I'm feeling ill. I'm determined not to give up every time I get scared though so I'm going to go. Sharon and anyone else who is worried, not everyone will get this bug- especially not those who are careful, wash their hands after touching things a lot of the public may have touched (hand rails, telephones, cash machines etc) and eat well so their immune systems are strong. I take a bottle of the hand sanitiser with me when I go out so that I don't have to wash my hands all the time.
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Old 06-01-08, 20:30
Nervy_of_catford Nervy_of_catford is offline
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Re: Norovirus

Hi there folks,

Came to this board because I'm currently finding things difficult because of my emetophobia and current norovirus, and what do I see? Other people in the same boat! This in itself is a relief.

My rational mind says:

I am washing my hands a sensible amount
I haven't been around anyone that has vomited near me (so no catching it throgh aerosolisation of the virus)
I am avoiding touching my face
I don't have kids, or work so I can minimise my contact with the outside world
No one I know has had it

My irrational mind says


So as with the OP, I am having trouble eating, am living on Extra Strong Mints and peppermint tea. My anxiety levels are constantly medium-high, and I am obsessing and being irrational (thoughts like "telling other people my fears might tempt fate and I might catch it" Which is daft, as I don't even believe in fate!)

So yes. Just want to say to all out there that you're not alone!

Best wishes all

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