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Old 12-09-17, 20:57
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Thumbs down At my wits end

Rewind to 5 weeks ago I had horrendous back ache which I had put down to spending a week with horrible panic attacks and spending most of my time hunched over balling my eyes out. Pain then starter shooting down my left leg so initially assumed it was sciatica. Then had some aches in my left leg. I started doing a cbt online course and it worked wonders! I stopped panicking and the pins went. 3 days passed and I did the usual checking for symptoms in my legs - cue me now having a sort of tingle/buzzing sensation in he bottom part of left leg and now both legs.

I don't have it through out the night. It comes and goes. I can wake up and it's not there. I don't think of it or get distracted and it pretty much goes. Having a bath, it goes. It's like I'm more aware of my legs all of a sudden. I stress and worry about it and it comes back. I've rang the doctors and the earliest appointment is in 2 weeks time.

My mind is convinced I have either a spinal tumour or ms. I know I'm being stupid. I just needed somewhere to vent. I just don't know what to do.
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Old 13-09-17, 01:24
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Re: At my wits end

If there were something truly wrong, it wouldn't just go away the second you stop thinking about it. The facts that you can distract yourself and that CBT helps the symptoms disappear screams anxiety.

So, the real solution is that you just have to keep yourself distracted long enough until your mind just stops dwelling on it. Keep challenging those thoughts. You can do it, promise!
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end, wits

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