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Old 14-01-19, 03:36
emain1 emain1 is offline
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not dead lol

Hey everyone,

I posted on here almost a month ago thinking a run in with a dog two years and some change back ended up giving me rabies. As you can see, Iím alive. Itís just weird learning to accept that I might have a problem mentally. I mean, I definitely have physical symptoms. Still twitching, mouth is still watering. But I wonder if these things were always this way? And subconsciously I just decided never to focus on them? What was the trigger that set everything off and made me the way I am now? How do I get back to being normal again? I never used to be SUCH a hypochondriac.

Itís stressful. Anyone experiencing the same thing want to talk about it?

Thanks for listening,

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Old 14-01-19, 03:40
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Mom2FourKiddos Mom2FourKiddos is offline
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Re: not dead lol

It helps me to get mad at my anxiety. Like pissed. And then give it the silent treatment.

"NOPE, I am NOT talking to you."......"I don't hear anything, do you?!?" Type of attitude. It helps when I get way too worked up about symptoms.

It helps to also think about everything in the past I've feared and how many of those things came to fruition (Not a single one ever has) *knock on wood*

I'm glad you're still alive.

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Old 14-01-19, 04:13
emain1 emain1 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2018
Posts: 12
Re: not dead lol

Yeah 😂. Iíll have to start giving different methods a shot. Funny that you mention that, because thatís exactly what the therapist I saw told me to do. Face it head on.

Iíve also thought about going back to therapy to see if I can sign up for some CBT. She didnít recommend it last time, she just thought I was going through a minor spell. Almost like she could tell I hadnít lost COMPLETE grip on reality, but still needed help. Iím open to try new things at this point, I just want to feel like myself again!

Thanks for the reply!

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