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Old 08-09-04, 12:33
Laurie28 Laurie28 is offline
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My oldest son (7) told me this mornng that he woke in the middle of the night and couldn't move his arms etc (basically couldn't move at all)

I used to get this a few years ago - I think it has happened maybe 7 times in my life - where I would wake and and be totally immobile - couldn't move - not even to breathe - it must only have lasted seconds but felt like forever

i read somewhere it is called sleep paralysis and is not harmful but your body waking up too quickly
has anyone had any experience? know what causes it etc?

Strange my son gets it when i did as well - quite a scary experience
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Old 08-09-04, 14:41
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Hey Lucky,

Yes, I have heard of this and have experienced it a couple of times myself. As far as I know it is as you thought, your brain may wake up too suddenly and for a few moments you're awake but not fully . I guess it takes our minds a little while to switch on, like when you turn the tele on and there's a second before it fires up!!You know when you press the button and then theres a little humm before it suddenly bursts into life. Silly example I know but our brains do work through electricity so maybe not totally stupid!
As far as I know it's very common and quite normal, even if the paralysis sensation for that instant is very real and worrying.
Hope this helps a little!
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Old 08-09-04, 16:23
mico mico is offline
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Hi Lucky

Sleep Paralysis is completely normal and happens to everyone, just some of us may never actually witness it because it happens when we are asleep. It's basically (from what I understand) a mechanism to stop us from acting out our dreams, your body paralyses (sp?) itself when your asleep. Sometimes though, it is possible for when you wake up for your body to still be in this state (not sure of the cause of that), but isn't harmful and usually only lasts a few seconds. Happened to me a couple of times before too, strange experience, but nothing to worry about.
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Old 08-09-04, 21:19
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I am having this weird thing that my left hand is completely numb every morning. I sleep on my right side so no idea why my left hand gets numb. It can be a bit scary cos it wakes me up cos the hand is numb.

Anyone know why that happens and what causes it. It is not cos I am sleeping on it cos I sleep on my right hand side and it is only my left hand that is numb?

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Old 09-09-04, 12:17
c141re c141re is offline
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Ive had sleep paralisis a few times, it is very scary but its harmless.. feels like forever when ts not, very scary!

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paralysis, sleep

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