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Depression from Panic/Anxiety Depression that is directly related to Panic and anxiety. Please also read this Website page: Depression
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Old 27-01-08, 13:39
celia davies celia davies is offline
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giving up

Does any1 get 2 the stage where there so tired an dont care anymore ive got really bad health anxiety an social anxietys gettin worse now but recently im just that tired of my over acting brain i just feel like ending it all whats the point in carrying on like this people just think im weird an dont understand,the only normality i get is when im using this sight!!!
I had bad things happen 2 me when i was a child so why am i being punished now its not fair its only my baby boy getting me through each day i probbaly sound like im feeling sorry for myself but got nothing more to give how can i get through this
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Old 27-01-08, 15:17
emmas's Avatar
emmas emmas is offline
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Re: giving up

hi celia, no you are not feeling sorry for yourself! you are most likely depressed! but you can fight it, if you get the right help/info. you dont have to godown the meds route if you dont want to, and if you do its still worth thinking about soem talking therapy or cbt to help you to view things differently, an example being that you think you sound as though you feel sorry for yourself, why shouldnt you feel sorry for yourself? if weve suffered at the hands of others then we need time to sort through that experience, and the same for life events - we need to give opurselves time to feel bad - its not a crime!!!! but there are things you can do to help stop you feeling so overwhelmed. you can go to a site called uncommonknowledge that explains about depression and shows you ways of tackling it. you can come through how your feeling now and you will look back and see that it was a period in your life - albeit a bad one, bu ta phase nonetheless - tkae my word for it, ive been through quite a few depressions - only one time did i have to take meds - and ive got through them, once you understand it you can start to take your life back little by little. depression is an illness but it is made worse by the negative downward spiral of thinking that you get into, once you start to challenge these negative thoughts you do start to get better, but it does take time, at first you almost hav eto act 'as if', you dont feel positive at first, you are basically going through the motions, but then something starts to 'click', you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel and then after a little longer it will lift and you will feel alive again. you have to give it time? i hope this helps in some way, please have hope that you can get better, take care emma
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Old 27-01-08, 15:56
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Richie Richie is offline
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Re: giving up

Hi Emma
sorry i know this thread is for someone slse but i always read your advice cause it so good,
Reason i'm writing this is because you mentioned "Uncommon knowledge" i too know about them because they are based in Brighton not far from where
i live. Not sure now how i got to their site but anyhow i e-mailed them last week to see if they do CBT or if it's hypnotherapy mainly
Anyhow as well as there web-site they also see clients on wednesdays
in Brighton so was thinking of phoning up to see how much it costs and find out more?
I'm trying to do CBT myself because none on NHS here, but it would be good if they not too expensive to give them a go.
Sorry again for using this thread just thought it coincidence you mentioned them.
Richie xxx
What goes around comes around
Die another Day
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Old 27-01-08, 17:52
xBettyBoopx's Avatar
xBettyBoopx xBettyBoopx is offline
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Exclamation Re: giving up

Hi Celia

I know the feeling, I too feel like I'm just sitting here waiting for my time to be up! No-one understands, have no friends, no-one cares either. My life is pointless and meaningless. Ovbiously I have no advice for ya, but wanted you to know that ure not alone in ure thinking.

I wish that I could mend everything in this rotten stinking world.

I don't understand either how some people have such good lives and others have bad ones. My faith used to keep me going, but that's gone now as well.

Sorry that ure going thru all of this, sorry we all are going thru this, I wish I had answers, unfortunately I don't.

Take care

“Can a man still be brave if he’s afraid?”
“That is the only time a man can be brave,”
George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

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Old 27-01-08, 19:18
Lilith1980's Avatar
Lilith1980 Lilith1980 is offline
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Re: giving up

Hi Celia

I think a lot of us go through times like this. I have had this feeling many times and last week I just wanted things to be "over". I'm not saying I was going to do anything stupid, I just felt like I wanted to rip my brain out of my head!

You are strong enough to fight this. You say you have nothing more to give but you have SO MUCH to give and life wouldnt be the same if you werent around. You have a child - he needs nuturing, support and love. If you weren't around he wouldnt get any of those things.

I agree with Emma - how about counselling? I think it would help you to be able to talk to someone. You are worth looking after yourself

Hang on in the hun, you can do this xxxxx
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Old 29-01-08, 08:44
tina32's Avatar
tina32 tina32 is offline
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Wink Re: giving up

hi celia,
we all get like this at some point when suffering with anxiety hun beleive me your not alone, and i know its very difficult at times but you need to stay strong babe. and dont worry to much about what other people think has no one knows what it is like unless they have been there themselfs. if i was you i would go back to your doctors and talk it all through with him. there is help out there for you and you need to take action and get the help you deserve. i have been in the same state as you before and i truely feel for you hun as it is very very hard pysically and mentarly. you will get lost of support from this site and there is a good chatroom on here with people like us who you can talk to if need be, but please see your doctor again and see what support you can get, you will get there babe honestly you just need the right support
my thoughts are with you and stay strong
love tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Old 29-01-08, 09:30
belle's Avatar
belle belle is offline
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Re: giving up

I want to give up now. I am tired of fighting, tired of panicking, tired of everything.

If its not better after TEN years, i will NEVER get better.

Panic attacks started in 1992. 1998 i became agoraphobic which lead into being room bound. Couldn't even get upstairs. 2002 i started getting better, able to drive and work. 2005 i became house bound again. 2009 i have been making SLOW progress, still not able to go anywhere alone, but my journeys are getting longer. No where near 'normal' but at least i can go out.
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Old 29-01-08, 10:00
NewDawnFades NewDawnFades is offline
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Re: giving up

Hi to all on this thread and the whole forum community as well,

I want to let each of you know that I fully and completely understand the feelings that have been described. My past experiences shows the effects of years containing abuse, depression, anxiety, OCD, self-injury, and panic attacks. I had always felt as though I had done something bad to deserve these. It took over two decades to fully understand that it wasn't my fault at all. To this day however, and many more times than not, I perpetually sink into an immense whirlwind of despair. Without a doubt, when these feelings are running at full throttle, hope seems well out of reach. I have to query myself often as to what am I going to do about these feelings and how they will affect the rest of my life. Do I give up, or do I not let them take me down?

To offer encouragement with out a lot of words, I want to say that we have so much left to accomplish in our lives, and that we need to look back every once in a while to see how far we have truly come. Anyone who has made it this far in their lives, while struggling with horrible past experiences, disorders, and illnesses, should never be given anything less than being construed as having uncommon strength. Let us "reset" ourselves to open a gateway for a new beginning. Don't we owe that much to ourselves? Here is an illustration that I use to help remind me of this, perhaps you all have seen this...

A somewhat light-hearted way to illustrate this, yet with a very powerful message. Let's give ourselves some much deserved laurels for overcoming the past trials that we gone through and more importantly, we have succeeded.

My thoughts and prayers are with each of you...


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Old 29-01-08, 13:37
celia davies celia davies is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 180
Re: giving up

Hi every1 its me again,feeling alot better 2 day thanks for all your repleys it helps that i can actally say how i feel,i see my consuller thurs an really cant wait 2 get the world off my shoulders!! At times there is thoughts running trough my brain but id just like 2 say dont give up its just a stage what we all go trough by the looks of it xxx
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