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Old 21-10-13, 14:22
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Strange throat sensation

Does anyone else get this.

For years randomly I get a sudden feeling like the top of my throat suddenly feels like it is contract/fluttering, like i won't be able to take my next breath. It happens very rarely but the last few days it's happened twice which is unusual. I am relaxed when it happens usually. It isn't a palpitation it actually feels like it's my throat or tongue contracting or fluttering and I won't be able to breath but then within seconds it eases away. Then afterwards I do feel like my throat is tight, which I know happens with the fear.

Does anyone else get that sensation? Is it anxiety? I have always assumed it is. I don't panic when it hits, I kind of freeze and wait for it to pass but it is unnerving.
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Old 21-10-13, 15:16
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Re: Strange throat sensation

It sounds like just a throat spasm - I think these can be quite common if you're anxious. If you've been having it for years and it's not got worse (the fact that it's happened twice recently could just be bad luck) then it's probably nothing to worry about. The only other thing that vaguely occurs to me is maybe some sort of irritation from reflux - which can also be related to anxiety and doesn't actually have to involve any feelings of heartburn etc - but given that you said it happens rarely that doesn't seem so likely, unless I suppose you can connect it to something specific that you've had to eat or drink?
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Old 21-10-13, 16:09
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Re: Strange throat sensation

Hi Pearl,
I've been getting this sensation on and off since August and I'm sure its anxiety related. I hadn't had it for about 6 weeks but in the past few days my anxiety has rocketed and the throat choking has returned. Mine feels like there's a swelling at the top of my throat close to my tongue, it is very unnerving. You're doing the best thing though and ignoring it, just like all the other anxiety symptoms, worrying about it will only make it worse. Has your anxiety been higher recently?
I find eating and drinking actually helps
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Old 05-01-14, 00:54
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Re: Strange throat sensation

I have had this and was told after an endoscopy that I had slight irritation in my oesophagus from reflux but I am convinced it was also anxiety as both times I have had it I have been under more stress at that time.
I try not to worry about the future..............so I take each day one anxiety attack at a time
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