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Old 23-11-17, 16:54
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34 male, blood from sputum/high BP worried !

Hi guys,my nameís Ani. I spat up a little blood in my sputum around a month ago. When I rushed to ER , my bp was 190/102 and the doc said high bp can produce bleeding anywhere in body: nevertheless , I had a full body checkup done (upper abdomen ultrasound, 5-6 blood tests, urine test, heart ecg and echo and chest x-ray). The results were normal. Now I must mention I suffer from panic disorder/health anxiety for almost two decades and fear is all I know :( Iíve had couple more episodes of blood from sputum in the past week and both times I took my BP and it was high (189/103, 165/106 respectively). The amount I spat was very less, like only a couple times with sputum. I got very scared and met an ENT doctor. He did a physical exam and again said everything seems normal. I must also mention the last time I spat blood laced sputum, I also had a little blood coming from nose (I put my napkin deeper into the nostril and there were the tiniest specks of blood). The fear of lung or throat cancer are killing me. I worry about this day in day out. Can someone shed their opinions/facts on this situation I find myself in? Iíve read winters and dry weather can also cause bleeding from membranes or what not.. or maybe itís just BP? Must also mention Iíve been very stressed this whole year. Thanks for reading all of that, look forward to some replies. Thanks
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Old 09-12-17, 19:59
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Re: 34 male, blood from sputum/high BP worried !

Hi there

If two people have given you an opinion that everything is OK then i would trust that. Especially as one of them is an ENT

You can get nosebleeds/Bleeding from cold weather. One of my friends gets nosebleeds out of the blue when it's cold
Sometimes i get the slightest blood when blowing my nose

Seriously though, if two doctors have said everything looks fine it's probably just one of the bodies random quirks. If it was cancer i am sure the ENT would have spotted a lump or suspected something/noticed something. It is very likely just irritation
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blood, male, sputum or high, worried

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