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Old 11-12-17, 14:53
ashandjay11 ashandjay11 is offline
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Throat Clicking when swallowing saliva

Good morning,

I'm new to this anxiety. I havea question. I recently had a tight feeling in my throat for about 2 weeks. That comes and goes but have improved. Now I have the clicking feeling when I swallow. It's not painful just weird feeling. Does anyone else have this? What causes it? Any relief from it?

Thanks so much!!
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Old 19-12-17, 18:42
budgie1979 budgie1979 is offline
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Re: Throat Clicking when swallowing saliva

I have this on and off, and I agree it feels weird and can be really concerning. In my case, it seems to happen more when I have neck tension or when my reflux has been acting up. I think it's just some swelling in the neck or throat muscles causing things to catch where they wouldn't normally. The only thing I have found helpful is distraction (focusing on it just makes it seem worse, probably because I swallow too often and make things swell up more) and sometimes a lot of warm drinks will help ease it a bit. For me, it usually subsides after a few days.
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