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Old 03-04-12, 13:03
xtinkerbellx xtinkerbellx is offline
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 22
Swollen aching lymph node in neck?

I have a swollen lymph node on the left side of my neck, I noticed it in October and it hasn't budged since. It hasn't got bigger. It's like a squishable bean and painless. But it aches :( 2 doctors have seen it but dismissed it briefly, they know about my HA. I've just been told I have Helibactor Pylori infection so wondering if it's down to that, also I've been reading about lymphona (cancer) and thinking "oh that must be it" and feeling like I'm on borrowed time :( x
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Old 03-04-12, 13:57
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AngelHeart AngelHeart is offline
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Re: Swollen aching lymph node in neck?

Sorry I don't know anything about the infection you have but is it possible for you to go back to the Drs to have your bloods taken so you can be reasurred. Sometimes after an infection it can take ages for your glands to go down and if your prodding it all the time it can cause it to ache. This infection you have might well be the cause of it though. Have they given you anything for it?

Pauline x
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Old 03-04-12, 19:52
xtinkerbellx xtinkerbellx is offline
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 22
Re: Swollen aching lymph node in neck?

The infection is just sort of "bacteria" in the stomach, very common apparently but most people don't know they have it. I've got 2 lots of antibiotics & an acid tablet to get rid of it I'm calmer now than earlier, I've had bloods done and all been fine, I just want the lymph node to not be there when I feel my neck (like the other side) :( can't help worrying about it and thinking irrational things sometimes.
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Old 04-04-12, 20:49
mamaof4 mamaof4 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2012
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Re: Swollen aching lymph node in neck?

Oh my!!! Do I know where you are coming from in regard to the panic of lymph node issues! My lymph node pain began with just under the arms then proceeded to spread throughout my ENTIRE body. I had zero idea what was causing it and to make things worse, three Dr's stated that none of my nodes were even swollen. So how can there be pain without swelling? I quickly began to panic. I read about lymphoma and boy oh boy did I ever tweak out. I though for sure that is what I had. I started to have night sweats, insomnia, chills, fatigue, constipation, couldn't eat, etc. All this made my mind go even more nutso! I had blood work done that all came back normal and that still did not calm me down. Recently (after two months of node pain and all over body aches) I have started to feel a little like me again. Although now I have tender ribs all the way around and in my shoulder blades; all of which can be contributed to anxiety I guess.
The panic attacks I have had in regard to this health stuff are terrifying. The way I describe them is having this overwhelming feeling of dread and/or doom in the pit of my stomach. Nothing I do can take my mind off of what Im feeling or make it go away. It is the most terrifying thing that I do not wish on anyone.
I think the internet is great for being able to find and chat with others with similar issues, but at the same time I think it creates even more stress and anxiety by some of the stuff you read when you put your symptoms in a search.
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Old 05-04-12, 22:02
xtinkerbellx xtinkerbellx is offline
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 22
Re: Swollen aching lymph node in neck?

Thanks for your reply, it's horrible isn't it? Do your lymph nodes feel swollen to you then? It's definitely just the one for me, left side of my neck. It's like a funny moveable bean, 2 doctors have dismissed it but I wish it would just go away.
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Old 06-04-12, 09:01
kittenface kittenface is offline
Join Date: Jun 2011
Posts: 32
Re: Swollen aching lymph node in neck?

Hi Tinkerbell!

I have the exact same thing - but on the right side of my neck. I feels huuuge to me but I have ben assured by two doctors that it is not! I think discovering it, about two years ago now was a factor in triggering my HA in the first place! I freaked out about it for weeks and weeks and was utterly convinced that I had lymphoma.
In actual fact I had viral meningitis two years ago when i was 21 (the reason my HA started) and it swelled up because of that and just never went back down - which can definitely happen!
The important thing is that it's moveable! I spoke to my general GP about it, he felt it and said it was very small and not important if it wasn't growing. I then saw an older, very experienced, brilliant doctor at the hospital. He felt it and let me feel him moving it between his fingers. He explained that it wasn't anything nasty because he could move it, if it was swollen due to cancer it would be fixed and rigid.
Please try to to worry, or to touch it too much! I was forever poking it which made it ache and swell slightly which only increased my panic! Allow yourself to be comforted by your clean bloodwork - lymphoma would've shown up! xXx
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Old 10-04-12, 23:27
AnxiousAva AnxiousAva is offline
Join Date: Apr 2012
Posts: 16
Re: Swollen aching lymph node in neck?

I'm reassured how common this seems to be, I have the same thing with aching glands all over and particularly one in my neck, but two docs think it isnt to be worried about and clear blood tests. So I guess I just need to learn to trust!
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