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Old 04-05-09, 23:35
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Worrying about others

I have two friends who live together, and I am very close to one of them.
My problem is that my other friend has depression, and is, aside from that, isquite clingy and passive-aggressive.

This causes problems between them, and it makes me really, really anxious. I feel so helpless to help her, to make it better. Its making my friend miserable and I find myself having not to talk to her, in case she says something bad has happened and it makes me nervous.

I just had a week of doing work, so couldn't talk, and now she told me she feels trapped and unhappy, and I feel like I am going to have an attack.

Please help.
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Old 05-05-09, 00:27
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Re: Worrying about others

try and stay calm, your friend is just getting it off her chest, but dont work yourself up. try and listen then lighten up the mood talk about other things to ger your mind off it.
think of others thing distract yourself. i know its easy for me to say but distraction is the best way.
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Old 16-06-09, 16:23
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Re: Worrying about others

this problem is still occurring, and is possibly getting worse. Its ruining my close friendship, just hearing about anything negative from her will practically give me an attack.
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Old 16-06-09, 17:56
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Re: Worrying about others

maybe might be best to try to help each other instead of what appears to be making you worse, if thats the case then maybe a little time apart till you feel better in yourself aswell ,hope it works out for you

take care
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