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Old 10-10-07, 18:11
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Falling sensation in chest?

I've been having this weird feeling every time after I eat since yesterday, my chest would sometimes feel this giddy surge almost like adrenaline but not really and it'd feel like I was on a rollercoaster drop for a second, then I'd have the urge to cough like I was palpatating or something, but I wouldn't really feel the palpatations that much, though sometimes a flutter would pop up here or there. It's not exactly pain but it's kind of like a strong, pushy tickle that could be pain if it was stronger, but it's not. It feels like someone's ticking the inside of my chest sort of on the right-middle side. It wouldn't be so bad if I haven't eaten in awhile though. I keep getting the urge to cough. Yesterday I felt the instinct to like run around wildly like a little kid because it felt like adrenaline but I'm not sure if that was the cause or if it was cause I started to panic about it...my first thought was of course--omgosh my heart is stopping I'm dead, lol.

Has anyone else has this? It feels SO WEIRD.
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Old 10-10-07, 21:25
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Re: Falling sensation in chest?


I also get the falling chest the same symptoms as you its strange and worries me loads.
Your not alone hun xx
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chest, falling, sensation

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