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Old 07-11-08, 11:26
leeann leeann is offline
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stitch sensation in chest

Hiya every one. I hope your all ok!

I had a weird heart palpation about 3 nights ago. Since then Ive been feeling panicky all day and night. I always feel on edge like one false movement or thought im going to start panicking

The past few days Ive had a stitch feeling in my chest. Is this normal for anxiety and is it normal to feel constantly panicky all day. I hate this feeling I feel sick. my chest feels like its feel weird. my heart racing all the time.

please tell me this is normal

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Old 07-11-08, 11:56
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House fan House fan is offline
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Re: stitch sensation in chest

Hi Norma
The reason your feeling all panicky is because you are constantly worrying about when the next bout of palpitations are going to attack. Adrenalin is being released into your already sensitized body, and this is the reason you are experiencing these nasty symptoms.
Although they are very frightening, please try to remember that palpitations are absolutely harmless. They will not cause a heart attack and they will not harm your heart in any way.
I spoke to a cardiologist some time ago, who told me that palpitations are actually 'normal', most adults get them at some point in their lives. I of course objected, and told him that it was the most frightening experience of my life, but he made me see reason by saying 'who are you to tell your heart how fast or how slow to go, it's kept you alive all these years with absolutely no input from you'.
This is a normal function from a healthy heart babe, just remember that.
Hope this helps reassure you. x

I know you're in there..... I can hear you caring!
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Old 07-11-08, 14:49
leeann leeann is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2008
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Re: stitch sensation in chest

Thank you for your reply. you really calmed me down.

thank you
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Old 07-11-08, 15:06
biggy007 biggy007 is offline
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Re: stitch sensation in chest

Thats a good post from House, I have only recently started getting eptopic heartbeats, I have noticed they are happening more often now that I am aware of them and that I currently really anxious at the moment, bt as stated if a cardiologist tells you they are harmless he's not going to be telling porkies is he, just try and relax (easier said than done I know)

Ben . . .
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Old 07-11-08, 23:09
swirledpeacat swirledpeacat is offline
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Re: stitch sensation in chest

The feeling in your chest is completely noraml for anxiety, I also sometimes find I get a stitch in my chest when I am anxious.

Infact, all of your symptoms sound perfectly normal for an anxiety sufferer! Hope you start feeling better soon hun, have you got any relaxation techniques you can employ when you are feeling anxious?
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