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Panic / Panic Attacks Panic and Panic Attacks. Please also read this Website page: Panic Attacks
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Old 26-08-18, 03:37
bukendaa bukendaa is offline
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I keep having panic attacks

I keep having panic attacks where I'm scared I'm going to loose function in one side of my body every time this happens I get tingles in my hands do you think there is anything wrong

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Old 26-08-18, 06:14
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Re: I keep having panic attacks

No I shouldn’t think there is anything wrong apart from your anxiety. Something scared you. So you worry about it happening = it happens. It’s a common anxiety symptom. Have you looked into ways to help you get over anxiety attacks? The articles here are very useful.

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Old 31-08-18, 16:56
kay1218 kay1218 is offline
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Re: I keep having panic attacks

Every time i have a panic attack my arms go numb from about the elbow down. I can feel stuff when i touch it but it feels as though the arm is “falling asleep” “pins and needles” whatever you call it

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Old 01-09-18, 11:34
Suziewuzie Suziewuzie is offline
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Re: I keep having panic attacks

Tingling arms & hands is a classic symptom of a panic attack, usually due to hyperventilating. It's nothing serious and it can't harm you so try not to pay it too much attention when it happens - it will pass, it always does x
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Old 07-11-18, 15:15
CorneliysOld111 CorneliysOld111 is offline
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Re: I keep having panic attacks

Try Five-step breathing. Sometimes it helps me)
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Old 30-12-18, 00:51
Clare.april. Clare.april. is offline
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Re: I keep having panic attacks

I have had almost every symptom of panic under the sun. The tingly or weak feeling in the arms...pins and needles.. the lot! You k ownits panic when it goes away once you relax or are distracted ..I find anyway.

The variety of symptoms and the fact they can change plays havoc with your mind but you know its panic...in force to yourself it's panic and let it happen. I spent years fighting them but found thstvjust accepting and letting them happen and pass made them occur less and pass much quicker.
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Old 10-01-19, 23:00
Saf30 Saf30 is offline
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Re: I keep having panic attacks

This is useful to know Clare I hope I can achieve this with the panic attacks I am experiencing.
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