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Panic Pause/Humour/Games & Quizzes This topic contains posts that bring some light relief and humour to the Message Forum. You will find all sorts in here that may cheer you up :-) You can also post here about the online games and any tournaments you have set up or check out any quizzes we are running.
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Old 13-12-18, 11:11
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Re: Room 101 Game

Air con spreads germs!
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Old 19-12-18, 06:31
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Re: Room 101 Game

I might rename this thread "Terry's Daily Whinge"

A local couple popped up in the news about animal neglect. I recognise one of them, I've seen him in the area.

They failed to pay their gas and the debt collector gained access to find the place in a terrible state and called the RSPCA. The officer was refused access and waited 2 hours for the police to arrive whilst she observed them taking bin bags out throughout that period. What she found even after that she said made her feel sick. The place was littered with dog poo and 23 animals were found. Most in cages with no water! They even found an owl and a fox! So, they have been trapping animals too.

The poor dog had to be put down as she was in such a state.

Slap on the wrist from the judge though with costs and a community order. I realise judges are constrained by sentencing law and wish this would change. Animal abuse/neglect should come with sterner sentencing than it has. This couple had a 5 year ban on keeping animals. Why not a lifetime ban?

The usual mental health stuff got trawled out...

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Originally Posted by Lola-Lee View Post
Where I work,the bloody air con is so cold you have to wear your winter woollies all year round,and this year I have had the flu several times I reckon it’s the air con.grrr
Originally Posted by Carnation View Post
Air con spreads germs!
Yeah, it is. Open plan offices are bad too. Loads of people always got sick in my last one after someone brought it in. We used to talk about it in manager's meetings, not that anyone was ever going to do anything. But I suppose the fact there was so many people the drains couldn't cope and the toilets regularly flooded into the corridor, and how that went on for years, might explain why it wasn't a priority to pay out to save money long term.

A simple policy of keeping the Typhoid Mary out of the office, paying them sick pay and not adversely affecting their sickness record (so they weren't motivated to come in) when you have agree it would save half the office also going off...might have been a bit progressive for them
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