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Old 24-11-06, 19:31
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i just dont understand!

Hey all

As you well know im not one for the doctors even more when i have to go alone i hateit i have panic attacks really badly when i go on my own and well i did it i had someon on the phone to me the whole time (if that counts as doing it alone then i did it )[Yeah!][Yeah!][Yeah!]

well ive been put on Zopiclone and they habe kept me on my anti d's for the time being....... My day just seems to be getting worse as the day goes on as when i was going to get my tablets i had a phone call MY LANDLORD! :(:(:( telling me that she has been told to give me an eviction notice :([:O] i couldnt believe it... i thought that i get my rent paid and i said this to her but nothing was getting through to her today and she is sending it out to me today..... So im like great! Not only does it feel like my life is no good and im no good... i loose my girlfriend ....my flat.....get put on sleeping tablets....im not allowed to work still been given another sick note till the end of JAN!

Why do all the bad things happen to me i just dont get it i really dont!.... did i do something or hurt someone that much that im being punished...

Sorry im going off on one again aint i? i'll shut up.

Why me? i just dont understand

hope you are all having a better time than me


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Old 24-11-06, 20:06
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Im so sorry Kitty,life can be **** at times.I usually get that,where everything bad happens at once.Speak to your landlord again,they may be having a better day tomorrow.Things will get better,although it may not seem like it at the moment.

Ellen XX
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