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Old 03-06-08, 08:11
Ellie25 Ellie25 is offline
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Diazepam - different brands different effects?


Can anyone help me on this........ I'm prescribed 2mg diazepam tablets and normally don't have any problems with taking them. My last prescription was from a different company. at the time i didn't think anything of it but am noticing that when i take a tablet now I am feeling sick within a short time.

I've never had this before with diazepam. Anyone else had this happen? Could it be the different brand?

Given that I have a severe vomit phobia feeling sick is not good for me!

I'm wondering if I can ask to have the original brand, what do you think?

Thanks guys,

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Old 03-06-08, 09:55
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jo61 jo61 is offline
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Re: Diazepam - different brands different effects?

I've had lots of different brands with no problems over the years. If it's bothering you, I'd go back to the chemist and ask for the original ones just to keep your confidence up. It may be an increase in anxiety levels - that's how it affects me, makes me nauseous
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Old 03-06-08, 11:32
Tom_M Tom_M is offline
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Re: Diazepam - different brands different effects?

Hi Ellie25

If it's a prescribed drug, then it should be exactly the same as any other brand. I do know that you can get Diazepam on the black market which are not good to take, but a proper chemist wouldn't normally deal in that stuff like that.

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Old 03-06-08, 15:14
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Re: Diazepam - different brands different effects?

I have just got my repeat prescription for diaz and for the first time the brand was different, it worried me a bit at first but actually i havent noticed any difference. I dont think there should be any when it is a properly prescribed drug, i think that would be illegal. I think it might just be you worrying (even if its subconciously) that there is a difference thats causing you to feel sick (if your anything like me anyway!!). You could go back to Chemist and explain about the sickness and see what they say, they might swap them for you or order the brand you like back in if their nice
Good Luck XXXXX
Charlie xx

...baby steps everyday.
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