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Old 23-12-08, 23:03
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Re: Emetophobia and Norovirus

Hi all,
still suffering badly, hope anyone else is feeling better, had another bad day at work, a colegue was fine one min the next was very ill, scared me to death she literaly was ok one min then the next whoosh sick, it is the most terifying moment in my life i have no idea how i'll cope now, i was very close to her at the time we were working within a few feet of each other, is this it now is this the time i'll catch it? i was right close to her.
I was starting to feel slightly better as 3 days had passed since the incident with the grown man on sat, so i was kinda hoping to make till tomorrow when i break up for 4 days, but NOW i'm thinking it's going to be Christmas day when the 48 hours are up and i might get it then (48 hours the time you sposed to be ill from time of getting infected), oh my god i will never get through these days now, what an absolute nightmare christmas this will be .
On the bright side, i do wish you all a happy Christmas and an even happier 2009 x
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Old 24-12-08, 18:46
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Re: Emetophobia and Norovirus

Hi everyone,

I too have Emetophobia and have done for as long as i remember, its the worse thing in the world. and 3 years ago i was suffering severe depression and anxiety, and as you can imagine the two don't mix. Panick attacks make you feel sick which in return makes the panick worse as many of you already know! i feel for anyone who suffers with it...

I used to see a phsyciatrist (sp?) because of my nerves, it was preventing me living my life, and a lot of time when i had been lying in bed for weeks with only a few hours sleep a week, i really did feel like dropping off and not waking up. Its just horrible.

I first heard about the norovirus when i was in school, and because of it left 3 years early, it got to a stage where i couldn't even go near the school with fear of catching something, and as you younger members know kids go down with things everyday in school! its terrifying.

I spent a couple of years in the house, i did virtual schooling on the net and never used to leave the house in fear of getting ill.

and although i had an initial fear of physically being sick, what made it worse was the though of getting ill while out in public rather than the safety of my home, and moreso if alone...

For some reason drunken sick doesn't effect me, i can go out and drink and be sick without batting an eyelid, but i think its mainly because i know i am not ill and that its just a one off so to speak (or maybe i was just too drunk! lol)
anyway up until 2 days ago, i hadn't been poorly sick for a few years.

But on saturday last week me and my partener attended a wedding with 24 other people, we did the registry, had a meal at a pub then went back to the groom and brides home.

24 hours later, sunday evening, we had just stuffed ourselves silly with a chinese takeaway, when about 10 mins later my partener had violent runs and was sick, i panicked breifly but i though he may have eaten a bad prawn in the curry.
an hour after he went down, i had the runs and severe stomach cramps.
and then i got a text from the Bride saying 'are you guys feeling ok?'

as you can imagine my heart is palpatating...and by now my partener had been back and forth from the bathroom.

after a few exchanged texts i then got a reply saying that everyone who attended the wedding had now come down with it!!!

These people had come over from wales, ireland and places over england for the wedding and gone back with it (not good)

My assumption, it could have been the pub door or someone working in the kitchen who brought our meals out to us??

anyway, by midnight that night we was getting the worst of it.

I must say to my poor partener, he suffered twice as bad as me, i was sick 4 times and had the runs 3 times, whereas he was gone every half hour for about 12 hours non stop.

yesterday morning we felt better and drank water and had a bit of dried toast, mine went straight through me an hour later and my partener was sick again and had runs throughout the night.

We slept well last night and today feel practically normal, though we are eating carefully and sticking to clear fluids for now as not to upset ourselves again.

I can honestly say it wasn't as bad as i ever imagined, though i didn't get it very badly which i guess is always the fear...

It came on so sudden that i didn't have chance to panic, i'm glad i got the text after and not a while before it happened!!!

Since recovering this morning from it, i had 48 hours to shut myself in the house, maybe just enough time to get a xmas with my family, though i'm scared i'm going to spread it, as my grandad is very old and i have a lot of much younger cousins who might not take to it too well :/

I have been round the house today, disinfected the loo and sinks, wiped switches and door handles etc, even our mobile phones and other things like that!

But i guess i need to do it again in a few days to make sure.

My biggest fear is contracting it again i'm so nervous.
But i hear you cannot catch it twice in one year? though it says immunity only lasts a couple of months and it hasn't even hit peak time yet

This was the first time i've ever had it , i could probably cope with another dose but not for a long time, but i don't think i could have it as bad as my poor partener did, the thought of that worries me, big thumbs up to him for coping as well as he did, bless...

I should stop babbling now, i could go on about it all day, but i'll only get it back into my head, i need to just sit back and relax i guess and be glad i don't have to worry about catching it over xmas or new year

Come on guys, stay strong, the way you have to think of it is, it last 60 hours at most, you can't die from it, afterwards you can go back to living your life, just a minor set back, its not terminal, and you still have your health, your being and your wonderful families and thats the most important thing in the world
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Old 24-12-08, 18:55
sezzy5889 sezzy5889 is offline
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Re: Emetophobia and Norovirus

Forgot to change days and hours there, i wrote this yesterday morning and posted just now, so should only have about 12 hours before i can leave the house, so xmas has been saved!

also where it says yesterday means Tuesday and so on, so you know i'm not cutting corners to make way for xmas, i wouldn't put that risk upon my family!

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Old 24-12-08, 21:09
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Re: Emetophobia and Norovirus

You coped, which is what anyone would do in that situation i believe

Hope do you think you contracted it? Apparently according to all the information you have to touch something that has been touched by the infected person OR be near them when they puked or had the craps.


Panic attacks started in 1992. 1998 i became agoraphobic which lead into being room bound. Couldn't even get upstairs. 2002 i started getting better, able to drive and work. 2005 i became house bound again. 2009 i have been making SLOW progress, still not able to go anywhere alone, but my journeys are getting longer. No where near 'normal' but at least i can go out.
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Old 24-12-08, 23:35
avista avista is offline
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Re: Emetophobia and Norovirus

when everybody gets sick like that it was probably someone at the wedding in the kitchen with poor hygeine that had it
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Old 27-12-08, 02:30
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Re: Emetophobia and Norovirus

im petrified of this virus, honestly. i will wash my hands again after unlocking MY bathroom door and turning off the light. its dreadful, every night i feel sick from anxiety about this. every pain ill relate it to sickness. i cant deal with this " every 30 mins youll be sick for 24 hours ish" norovirus. omg! i went on a train a week or so ago to a nearby city. the journey was an hour and a half. i sat satisiziing (sp?) my hands constantly whislt keepin a scarf over my face - even though its not airbourne. please please someone bring out a vaccine. i shall be on the edge til easter time ish! id prefer to die that to be sick once..and that be it even for the whole of your life!!
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Old 28-12-08, 22:31
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Re: Emetophobia and Norovirus

I agree
what you had sounds more like food poisioning than noro, everyone contracting it is pretty unlikely all together.
Im with you Cureme, i'm feeling every bit as dreadful as you, i know that doesn't help but i am exactly the same as you hun, i do hope this dam thing passes and soon.

Sharon xxx
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Old 30-12-08, 14:41
Ellie25 Ellie25 is offline
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Re: Emetophobia and Norovirus

I know us emets are really struggling with things at the moment. I thought i was doing slightly better until today when it's all kicked off big time again - so much in the local press about noro and the flu virus..... i've not seen anyone for a couple of days because i don't want to risk catching anything.

I so long for the noro to peak but it's not - or not in my area anyway :-(

i am a nervous wreck who is terrified of life and ruled by the emet despite my best efforts not to be. i hate it soooooooooooo much.

Sorry for the rant guys..... am here for you too.

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Old 30-12-08, 14:56
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Re: Emetophobia and Norovirus

Hi Ellie

Noro has just become less of a worry for me as I have found out I'm pregnant. Emmetephobia is crippling me with fear. I have even considered not having this baby because of it, then hated myself cos we planned it for so long.

I am determined emmetephobia is not going to ruin my life. The norovirus was becoming a real obsession with me but now I have bigger things to worry about. And I'm terrified.

I hate this phobia so much to, I wish it would just go away. But I'm trying to tell myself if I practice good hygiene etc then I am doing everything I can to stop myself catching it. What more can we do????

Andrea xx
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Old 30-12-08, 21:45
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Re: Emetophobia and Norovirus

Hi Andrea
congratulations on your pregnancy, please try not to worry not everyone whos pregnant gets sickness, i didn't at all, didn't even remotely feel sick, neither have three friends of mine who have all recently had babies.
As for the noro, my place of work is ramant with this dam virus as in 3 or 4 a day are going home with it, how i am coping i have no clue, i'm on the verge of a breakdown.

Kind thoughts to all of you wishing you all a happy 2009

Sharon xxx
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emetophobia, norovirus

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