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Panic / Panic Attacks Panic and Panic Attacks. Please also read this Website page: Panic Attacks
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Old 24-08-11, 11:58
hannah26 hannah26 is offline
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Fizzing feeling/sound in neck.

Hello, I just wondered if anyone had had these feelings before, I will try to explain it, I have a feeling like bubbles/fizzing going from the top of my spine up to my head and it feels like its in my throat I have had these feelings for years and have never been overly worried abut them but just recently they have been happening more and more and today I have had them for hours I now feel very anxious, my right arm and hand feel very numb, I have a headache and stiffness in my neck, I feel really shaky, have a tingly sensation in head, neck arms, back and have some pain in my back as well do you think these are just panic related or should I get checked out? Im scared and feel like rubbish I would be so grateful for just a little advice.
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Old 24-08-11, 21:45
hannah26 hannah26 is offline
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Re: Fizzing feeling/sound in neck.

Anyone at all!!
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Old 24-08-11, 22:02
paula lynne's Avatar
paula lynne paula lynne is offline
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Re: Fizzing feeling/sound in neck.

Hi Hannah
I get this a lot, especially going from my shoulder up into my scalp.....if I could show you a picture, image opening a bottle of fizzy pop and the bubbles squirting out everywhere.......feels like that......
Anxiety can effect every part of the body that has nerves, which is more or less everywhere.
I had it for the first time in my leg yesterday, all the way down my thigh......I KNOW its anxiety, but because its in a new place, its easy to get wound up and start panic feelings. Its there now actually. Please try to relax first. If it is still there in a week, then go to your GP, it could be a trapped nerve in your back.
Paula x
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Old 24-08-11, 22:05
lucy devine's Avatar
lucy devine lucy devine is offline
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Re: Fizzing feeling/sound in neck.

i have the fizzing feeling also! sounds just like me, try not to worry...it's either because we are anxious or just general normal feelings that our anxiety is picking up on and thus we start to panic xx
turn that frown upside down
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Old 24-08-11, 23:48
evil monkey evil monkey is offline
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Re: Fizzing feeling/sound in neck.

Hi do you mean if you do this

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feeling or sound, fizzing, neck

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