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Old 07-01-10, 03:25
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Doctor's Appointment

So I'm headed to the Doctor tomorrow. I have a few issues I would like to go over with her, but I always feel rushed and I want to make sure all my questions are answered/taken seriously. I feel like ever since I told her about my HA, she has been kind of dismissive and not looking into things like I want her to. I know most of that is probably just in my head, as I am paranoid about being really thorough, but I just wanted to know how I can open a dialogue about how I need things explained fully to me. What are everyone else's experiences on here?
"If a person is treated like a patient, they are apt to act like one." ~Frances Farmer
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Old 07-01-10, 03:32
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Re: Doctor's Appointment

I had the same problem so i wrote down all the symptoms i was suffering from / had suffered from in the last few months, how i was feeling and what i was worried about and if the doctor could just take a little time to explain it all, and handed the letter to the doc - and it worked too

Maybe you could give that a go?

Because i know i found it hard to remember everything i wanted to say and felt the doctors were blaming anxiety for everything and all they did was tell me to eat healthy, rest and exercise, only once i had given the doctor a letter did he send me to the hospital for tests "just incase & reassurance" and put me foward for CBT.

Hope it goes well for you
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Old 07-01-10, 08:48
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Re: Doctor's Appointment

Thats a good idea what gazman did. Have u thought about booking a doubles appointment so that u have more time and dont feel as rushed ?
Sarah x
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Old 07-01-10, 17:46
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Re: Doctor's Appointment

It is probably best to write down all of the questions you feel you need answered and hand this to her to see if she can help you with them.

Health Anxiety is a horrible experience and i know that i began to take my health issues to the extreme and i am sure i was at the doctors at least once per week, needless to say my doctor began to question me and realised i was suffering from this and prescribed me medication i was suffering from horrendous panic attacks caused by my anxiety.

It is normal to be concerned about our health, but we can over analyse every little ache and pain then dread the worst. In my experience i have learned to stop using Dr. Google to diagnose myself, i mean lets face it do i or he have a degree or PHD in medicine - i don't think so. Our minds begin to play tricks on us and before we know we have diagnosed ourselves with something terrible and nasty and even convincing ourselves that we could die from this, it is not a nice feeling and most of the time we our left to our own devices to try beat the demons of anxiety and stress.
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