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Old 05-10-10, 12:34
louise123_uk louise123_uk is offline
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Crackling sound when move neck and head

Sometimes when I turn my neck from side to side or move my head up or down there is kind of a crackling sound similar to grinding and the buzzing of a computer that feels like it is centred at the back of my head just where the spinal column stops! I can only hear the noise when the room is silent so its kind of an internal noise I guess. It is particularly bad when ive been lying own all night but does happen at other times each day.

I looked this up on google and cant believe how many message boards there are full of people experiencing this type of noise at the back of their head when moving their neck or head. There doesnt seem to be anyone with an explanation though and lots of the people seem to be waiting for appointments with neurologists, or waiting to have MRI or CT scans!! Ive been noticing this noise for a while now and vaguely wondered now and again what it was but had no idea it was something that could be serious. Apparently people have been told by their GPs it could be degenerative disc disease within the spine (not sure wht this is!), or even problems with the arteries in the neck such as narrowing or blockages and even things like fluid on the brain are suggested!!! People that have responded seem to be urging people to seek help semi-urgently!

Has anyone experienced similar and knows what it might be. Im 26 so think its unlikely to be arthiritis as theres no pain. Ive also never suffered any kind of injury or trauma.....

Given that im currently getting tests for abnormal bleeding etc, and despite abnormal blood test results and an abnormal smear my doc thinks being concerned by this is ridiculous so dont want to head to docs with another ailment and give her a chance to call me a hypercondriac!

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Old 05-10-10, 16:25
louise123_uk louise123_uk is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2010
Posts: 414
Re: Crackling sound when move neck and head

:-( Not having a good day :-(
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Old 05-10-10, 16:46
baileys baileys is offline
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Re: Crackling sound when move neck and head

Louise i get those symptoms, so does my son and most of my friends, its nothing to worry about. Everybody hears my neck when i move it, ive had an MRI and its was ok.
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Old 05-10-10, 19:00
Dahlia Dahlia is offline
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Re: Crackling sound when move neck and head

I have that quite often - especially if I have been sitting at my desk too long, or in an awkward position, or when my neck muscles and shoulders are tight. A lot of people get it, as far as I can tell. It never occurred to me to get it checked out.
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