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Old 14-11-10, 00:20
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weird ear problems making me nuts!

Have been to the doctor 4 times now due to ear pressure, pain, tight feeling inside.NOTHING WRONG i am told.Seems this feeling adds tremendously to anxiety and wondering if they are related. Anyone having any similar issues? Slowly going insane over it.
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Old 14-11-10, 01:14
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Re: weird ear problems making me nuts!

Hi, I've had pressure in my ear for years (on and off), so bad I can't listen to noise or people speaking. Eventually (took a long time) my doc sent me to a consultant. Turns out it's a prob with the jaw joint which inflames at times -but the pain is transfered to the ear. Anti-inflammatorys were advised for when it occurs. I'm just glad the doc now knows i wasn't making it up!
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Old 14-11-10, 15:23
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Re: weird ear problems making me nuts!

i can pop my ears on demand and it is so annoying my ears drive me mental
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Old 14-11-10, 17:10
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Re: weird ear problems making me nuts!

Mine rumble and produce the scariest sounds, especially at night. Mine's to do with my jaw as well and anxiety.
There are plenty of threads here on ear pressure and noise take a look at them.

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