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Old 19-04-12, 00:34
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My right eye goes randomly blurry?

So for the past week I've noticed when I wake up in the morning my eyes (usually my right eye) goes blurry and feels funny for a few seconds. It returns back to normal for a bit but this repeats a few times until around noon. Even then it still feels funny. It is worrying me..As of now my eye feels funny still.

I'm a little worried I might have diabetes..I eat a lot of pasta for years..and my Grandmother has it. Whenever I think I have symptoms of something my parents don't think much of it since it is every few months it seems. My hands are always trembling most of the time too.. I also wake up with a dry mouth in the morning..and I feel tired a lot. But that might just be from lack of sleep. I normally get around 5-7 hours of sleep since I stay up late... I'm 16 by the way.
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Old 20-04-12, 01:06
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Re: My right eye goes randomly blurry?

I have the same thing. I was looking at something today while I was outside and it was blurry out of the one eye. If you find out , let me know.
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Old 20-04-12, 01:09
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Re: My right eye goes randomly blurry?

perhaps medication it can have strange effects especially if on any antipyschotics and some ssris antidepressants
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