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Old 20-11-08, 16:48
chemlabrat chemlabrat is offline
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Skipped beats on a holter

Has any one else worn a holter monitor with your palpitions or skipped beats happening?

I wore one a good while back, and they made a note on it showing all the skipped beats and labeled them as PACs, then they made a note that said "Possible 2nd degree AV Block".

I had completely forgotten about it until now at work the nurse that my boss suggested I go see saw that note and heard me complain about my dizzyness, and she went into a tizzy. Now she is scheduling me for an ASAP trip to the medical research hospital to talk to an arrythmia specialist about my possible AV Block, and if they agree that's what it is, they'll implant a pacemaker! I'm only 24!

My skipped beats only typically come on when I'm nervous or haven't slept much, but I completely miss beats, then it picks back up and starts again. Anyone else had your beats read by a holter or have this same feeling or have been diagnosed with AV Block?
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Old 20-11-08, 17:09
Sleepless999 Sleepless999 is offline
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Re: Skipped beats on a holter

Hi there - From what I understand, Holter monitors are to record the frequency and duration of arrhythmias, rather than provide the actual cause. I've had one and it caught loads - if you just go for a 5 second ECG, it's unlikely that anything would be recorded. To confirm any degree of heart block, you would have to have a proper 12 lead ECG so that a cardiologist can study your P wave and make sure it's followed always by QRS waves. Don't let the word "possible" scare you! Just go for the ECG to put your mind at rest.
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Old 30-09-10, 18:15
elvislady elvislady is offline
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Re: Skipped beats on a holter

hi i am new to the forum, i am wearing a holtor monitor at the minute because i have been having on going palpations.... i had a ventrical tacycardia episode last year and was in coronary care for a few days...i had lots of teats done and was put on bisoprol beta blocker to slow my heart rate down....i was ok for a while but the palps just came back..i am now in the process of having more tests done.

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