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Old 12-03-09, 14:43
lrforge lrforge is offline
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? re: echo vs holter

No one has been able to answer this for me-anywhere...hoping you can help.

How does an echocardiogram compare to doing a holter?
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Old 12-03-09, 15:48
Shelly80 Shelly80 is offline
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Re: ? re: echo vs holter

Hi there,

Ok, I'm not 100% sure but I believe the holter is to record and study your heart to identify any arrhythmia. The echo is to get a good look at the structural health of your heart. I've studied the internet WAY too much. Part of my problem.

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Old 12-03-09, 16:15
marius marius is offline
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Re: ? re: echo vs holter

An echocardiogram uses ultrasound to get an image of your heart; holter is a portable device which monitors your heart activity during several hours, usually 24 or more. Which one is better? Well, they are used for different purposes, so none of them is "better". It depends on what you are looking for. Only a cardiologist can tell you if you need holter or an echocardiogram.
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echo, holter

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