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Old 13-03-09, 19:24
lrforge lrforge is offline
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24 hr holter-still worried

If you have seen my previous posts, you know I am super freaked out about my heart right now, having lots of skipped beats. So my echo was normal and I am waiting for the 24 hr holter. My question is, for those of you that have had these missed beats and feel them, and have had them recorded on the holter, was it ever anything other than stress? I am scared and anxious and waiting for the dr to call. I can't stand it! I absolutely broke down at my chiro. appt last night and it did help. I now the last few days I have been noticing more acid reflux-maybe that will do it to??
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Old 13-03-09, 22:19
countrygirl countrygirl is offline
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Re: 24 hr holter-still worried

I have had premature ventricular contractions otherwise known as ectopic heartbeats since I was in my early 20's and I am now in my late 40's.
I too have had the echo and loads of 24hr ecg's usually have one every 3-4 years when my nerve breaks and I am worrying about the ectopics and beg my Gp for another holter. I have been told over and over that these beats are unpleasant ( yeh!) but totally harmless.
Mine always show up on holter as I have them every day - on good days I only notice them a few times - at bad times which can last weeks it is every 3rd heartbeat!
We all have a harmless arrythmia and once they have excluded any heart disease which they can do with the echo and the holter then you can be totally reassured that your ectopics are anxiety related or caused by excess caffeine etc When I say excess some people are so sensitive to ti they can't have any.
Acid reflux can bring them on as they are caused by the vagus nerve being irritated and this lies accross the top of your stomach so a big meal or acid can cause them as can low blood sugar.
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Old 13-03-09, 23:17
lrforge lrforge is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2009
Posts: 180
Re: 24 hr holter-still worried

Thanks!! I got my results back and I am normal! I am so excited. This is it for me, I am getting rid of this monster we call anxiety and am getting my life back. Worrying doesn't do any good, isn't going to change anything,e tc. Which maybe next week I won't think that way (lol) but I do for the moment.
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Old 14-03-09, 01:39
JnJs_mom JnJs_mom is offline
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Re: 24 hr holter-still worried

Yeah I tend to freak out then I get a normal test result and feel much better.
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Old 15-03-09, 20:38
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Laura xx Laura xx is offline
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Re: 24 hr holter-still worried

Hi, I know that I have replied to you about this before, but I forgot to mention something which helped me dramatically reduce the number of these that I used to get.

I cut out all Caffeine from my diet ie I bought de-caff tea and coffee and reduced the amount of coke that I drunk etc.......

This was something that my Consultant recommended and it did really help!

It's worth a try x x x x
Laura xx
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holterstill, worried

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