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Old 15-12-08, 21:01
Vanwinkle Vanwinkle is offline
Join Date: Nov 2008
Posts: 9
cheast pain / heart pain

Hi guys,

If there are any doctors / medical experts out there I wonder if they could kindly answer me a question?

Most of us suffer with chest pains and often think it is our heart about to give in! Is there any way you can tell if it is actually your HEART that is hurting or if it is your muscles / nerve endings around the heart or elsewhere that are hurting?

This may be an impossible question to answer! It may put a few minds at rest though- or on the down side give us more symptoms to look for!

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Old 18-12-08, 00:37
katiedarling's Avatar
katiedarling katiedarling is offline
Join Date: Jul 2008
Posts: 34
Re: cheast pain / heart pain

I dont have the advice, but I also think that would be sooooo helpful. So can somebody, anybody, please tell us. This is something that gives me so much grief as well..
Katie Darling
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Old 18-12-08, 09:29
helen26's Avatar
helen26 helen26 is offline
New member
Join Date: Dec 2008
Posts: 80
Re: cheast pain / heart pain

i have also put a thread up about this, but no one has replyed yet, i suppose no one knows!! lol x
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Old 22-12-08, 04:01
dannyrsturbo dannyrsturbo is offline
Join Date: Dec 2008
Posts: 11
Re: cheast pain / heart pain

my heart hurts almost everyday an achy feeling sometimes with little sharp stabs ecg shows nothing , oxegen is fine , i cant take it much more im 28 and all my friends and more importantly my g/f think im blowing it out of proportion ' if only they knew im scared to hell inside and its affecting everything i stay up to 5am because im frightend of the feelings i get in my heart when i get in bed ..docs and paramedics say ecg shows my hearts working fine ..its so scary guys i feel i may giv myself a heart attack with the worrying i do 'i used to be such a confident outgoing lad , now i sit in the house worrying about when im going to die ..if im fine ..why does my heart hurt so much its not normal
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Old 22-12-08, 17:29
yanksforever yanksforever is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 286
Re: cheast pain / heart pain

Danny- do you know how thorough ECG's are? If your heart looks fine in that, then you truly are fine. Please stop worrying. Also- worrying can't give you a heart attack.

Also- one's heart can't 'hurt'. Cardiovascular pain is usually not sharp little stabs, as you have described. It's normally a dull and persistent pain, accompanied by shortness or breath. Sometimes you may feel as if there is someone sitting on your chest. Also, normal everyday activities will become very difficult.

Good luck, and know your heart is fine.
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Old 22-12-08, 18:57
nickieb's Avatar
nickieb nickieb is offline
Intermediate Member
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 551
Re: cheast pain / heart pain

hi peeps

I like yourself get the aching & twinges and my ECG is fine. I get them with anxiety/excitement & after food. I also get reflux so i know have told myself it has to be my stomach...

It is so hard with your chest to tell yourself its not heart but hey before this it was my head & now that has gone so it has to be my anxiety...
Nicola Butcher (Registered Nurse)
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Old 26-12-08, 04:38
dannyrsturbo dannyrsturbo is offline
Join Date: Dec 2008
Posts: 11
Re: cheast pain / heart pain

thanks guys, im comforting myself at the moment reading through everyones problems as im having heart feelings now, sometimes its that dull achy pain and sometimes little stabby strike type pains , i had to get out before walked around the block got som,e air at 3.30 am ! very quiet out there , just took a hot bath and it seems to have calmed me down a little , its reassuring to know that if the ecg says im fine im fine, its just hard to understand these feelings ' left arm will feel funny then its fine , breathing go's irregular , heart will feel wierd, s im a complete moaner these days due to these feelings its as if anyone else whos not on this site doesnt want to know thanks for the replys guys , and this siter is awsoem ive had the chat im sure some of you gusy have had with docs or paramedics when you mention ''well ive read on the net''''OOOH DONT READ THE INTERNET M8T ,,i point out that there is one benificial site out there and i owe how im feeling right now....i have just realised im not feeling to bad , again i love this site thank you all for being there for me
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Old 26-12-08, 23:36
jobear jobear is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2008
Posts: 100
Re: cheast pain / heart pain

heya danny,

i get heart and chest pains all the time to.. and have shortness of breath, i also find it hard to sleep. spes when my head hits the pillow and i cant hear my heart beat!
ive had an ECG MANY of times...theyve all been fine, but it still doesnt stop the worry, so i understand.. spes if you dont beleive your doctor! i get pains in my left arm and shoulder to.. im constantly worrying. so your not alone!
i also wouldnt mind an answer to your question, cant wait for the doctors to reopen fter xmas!
take care.
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Old 27-12-08, 00:14
Dominic1975 Dominic1975 is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2008
Posts: 151
Re: cheast pain / heart pain

I also get chest pains, with breathlessness and my immediate thought is HEART ATTACK..... after I calmed down and realise Ive just had a panic attack... my chest continues to hurt.... this could be all day...

My ECG was also normal, so I take comfort from that, that my heart is in good working order
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Old 15-01-09, 21:18
Adam Thompson's Avatar
Adam Thompson Adam Thompson is offline
New member
Join Date: Jul 2008
Posts: 65
Re: cheast pain / heart pain

i get frequent little twinges and stbs around the chest, sometimes left, centre or right side, lower down or higher up, sometomes shoulders or arms.
i stay up at night monitorung myself too, i wouldnt describe it as painfull as such just unnerving and makes me jump & panic.
it started 2 years ago ad seems to come and go in cycles a few months at a time then goes away for a few weeks.
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cheast, heart, pain

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