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Old 17-06-11, 09:35
clair.. clair.. is offline
Join Date: Jun 2011
Posts: 45
Angry at my wits end with throat problems

Really struggling with the tightening of the throat!! feel like there is a lump in it its hard to swallow and im getting pains in my ears and all the muscles in my neck seem to ache does anyone else suffer from this?? i went to my doctors 10 days ago and he said he thinks i had a bug as i was suffering from really bad nausea aswell the nausea has now gone but my throat is getting worse does this sound like symptoms of panic disorder and if so do you know how long this will last?
Thanks for taking the time to read this xx
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Old 17-06-11, 09:42
diane07's Avatar
diane07 diane07 is offline
Senior Member
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Hi clair..

A huge warm welcome to nmp.

You'll get loads of advice and support here and make some lovely friends along the way.

Best wishes
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Old 18-06-11, 00:32
Vanilla Sky's Avatar
Vanilla Sky Vanilla Sky is offline
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Re: at my wits end with throat problems

Hi and welcome to NMP
Paige x
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Old 18-06-11, 01:27
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daybyday daybyday is offline
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Re: at my wits end with throat problems

Any symptoms of panic last as long as the panic does and need time for the body to relax long enough.
Symptoms are something widely talked about here. How they come and go, and all different kinds.
Hope you find some good people here to share with and find comfort and help.
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Old 18-06-11, 11:48
Jonquil Jonquil is offline
New member
Join Date: Jun 2011
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Re: at my wits end with throat problems

Hi Clair, I get this too, sometimes it hurts and makes it difficult to eat- it feels like to food is getting stuck when I swallow. It is horrible. When it first started I thought I was getting a throat infection. Mine has started getting better as my anxiety has started to get better but it stills comes back-usually now I find it is an early warning that my anxiety levels are picking up. I have to say I haven't found any natural ways to relieve this when it comes on yet, however my doctor has prescribed some diazepam as needed which does seem to help. I really hope this starts to get better soon. Take care Jx
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