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Old 15-09-18, 23:48
Aimee1875 Aimee1875 is offline
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Sore lower back

For a while Iíve had a on and off sore lower back. Iím on my feet all day at work and I do tend to wear flat shoes a lot which probably doesnít help. Itís mainly on my left side but does kinda spread over. My friends just told me about an article in the news about someone who had bone cancer which has spread to their back and suddenly Iím panicking. Iíve just had a feel about and on the left side there kinda feels like a lumpy part of the area,not like a moveable lump but like hard and fixed so it could just be bone but now Iím really panicking. You can only feel it when bending forward and I donít know if itís just part of my back but is youíre lower back normally lumpy? I canít feel it on the other side which is why Iím now scared!
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Old 15-09-18, 23:50
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Re: Sore lower back

I think you are looking for things to be honest.

It could just be a sore back and nothing more.

Try a hot water bottle and pain killers and see how it goes.

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Old 15-09-18, 23:51
Aimee1875 Aimee1875 is offline
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Join Date: Jul 2016
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Re: Sore lower back

Youíre probably right. I really shouldnít have started to feel about because I know what always happens and I end up finding something and fixating on it,Iím so annoyed at myself now:(
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