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General Anxiety / Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) General Anxiety or Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD). Please also read this Website page: Anxiety
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Old 09-07-08, 08:17
lilly-lou lilly-lou is offline
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Re: My 12 yr old is suffering from anxiety

We have had another bad morning of tears and vomit with my daughter and me feeling awful telling her to try and ignore it and get dressed. By the time she sorted herself out and plugged in her i-pod she felt better. It is a first thing in the morning thing with her and the rest of the day she feels ok.

Her teacher at school has asked her if there is anything bothering her but she can't pinpoint what the problem is although there has been a bit of trouble between her and a couple of girls at school which she told the teacher about and her in term has made her head of year aware of the situation so hopefully they will sort this out.

I can't believe just how many children suffer from anxiety at some point, I don't feel like such a failure as a mum nor do I feel like my daughter is on her own with this.

Thanks again for all the replies

Big hugs to you all

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Old 11-07-08, 08:20
lilly-lou lilly-lou is offline
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Join Date: May 2008
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Re: My 12 yr old is suffering from anxiety

My daughter has had a really good morning today, she felt sick when she work up but there was no tears and she just got herself ready without me having to encourage her to do so. I have stuck to sending her to school which although I felt rotten for doing it has turned out to be the best thing for her and I think she is learning that it will pass as the day goes on. I am so proud of the way that she has handled the anxiety and I was determined for her not to avoid doing things as this is the reason my problems are as bad as they are.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that she is turning a corner and this blip wont last.

Thanks again for reading

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Old 11-07-08, 09:15
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Re: My 12 yr old is suffering from anxiety

I'm 15 and I think your daughter is so brave going to school feeling like that. I suffered from very bad anxiety and panic attacks going to school and I tried for so long to just keep going. In the last 3-4 weeks I have just given up because I am sick of the anxiety everyday. I am getting a counsellor and will hopefully get better so I can get back to school after the summer.
I'd just like to say well done to your daughter for not giving up because I know how hard it is
x x
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