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Old 24-01-11, 23:39
Maverick01 Maverick01 is offline
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22 year old, Acid Reflux, Cant Swallow, Dry Mouth, Please help!

Hi guys, i know there are probably a millions and one people on here asking the same thing, but im a 22 year old male and this is really taking control of my life at the moment,

I was healthy with no problems until around November, i had acid trouble but thats it, i got given acid reflux tablets (lansoprozole), like an idiot, i was not taking them regularly.

One day i had to go to the job centre so before i left the car, i had a ciggy, for some reason, i gagged a little, (thought nothing of it) as i was walking to job centre from my car, (5 -10 min walk) My mouth felt super dry, like someone had poured sand down there, anyway, kept walking and got inside, asked them for a glass of water, made up the excuse i felt light headed so they would actually take me seriously and get me a glass, so i finished that and straight away my throat dried out, as i was walking back from the car, it was like my body took control of me and someone pressed the gag button, i started throwing up mucas everywhere, i then panicked as people were looking at me and talking and i have a fobia of being sick as it is and im not a very confident person, so when i got back to the car, i had to find a drink, i had an old can of cidar in the car, i opened it knowing it might get me to mcdonalds, took a sip and threw it, went through 2 bottles of water in mcdonalds and when i got home, i drank around 8,

then a few days later, i noticed i still had a dry mouth, but i decided to not let it spoil my day, so i went town, as i was driving back, i knew i needed to be sick, i pulled over on a hill and threw up vomit and mucas, ive been tested for diabeties, and i was given anxiety tablets, none of which worked, i have finally found a job and now im worried, i dont go anywhere without 1 or 2 bottles of water and saliva sprays, and i really want this all to be over, its hard work even bringing myself to go town or my girlfriends (even with water)

Its the only time in my life where ive felt like giving up, knowone seems to be able to help, the doctors i have seen all have different opinions, the last one thinks its a physical problem triggering a mental one, all i know is i dont want to have it anymore, i took so many things for granted before i got this and now i regret them all, ive had it every day for nearly 3 months, it seems to be slightly easier in the day at home, its terrible in the morning, i have to get up 1-2 hours before i go anywhere to let it settle, even then i need the water with me,

right now its the worse ever, i have a cold coming on and it feels like a harsh strangling or someone with a finger partially down my throat, im falling apart to be honest guys, i can deal with alot of things, ive broken bones, ive had deep cuts, but this is the worst thing i have ever experienced and it never takes a day off.

Please tell me there is a cure and thats its not just 'calm yourself down' as i have tried that, i wake up with it straight away, somedays its slightly easier than others, ive been on the stomach tablets properly now for over a month, it has helped a bit but even though i dont have acid issues now, i still have alot of gas that comes up, unfortunately another curse i have is unless it happens by total accident, i cant burp, so it can get painful bringing up the gas and then swallowing it.
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Old 27-01-11, 17:22
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Re: 22 year old, Acid Reflux, Cant Swallow, Dry Mouth, Please help!

It does sound like acid reflux . Them lansoprazole do take weeks to work .

I presume you take it in the morning on an empty stomach with a full glass of water ? and not eat for at least 30 minutes after takeing them .

Thouse ppi like lansoprazole don,t suit everyone and theres lots of others you could ask your doc for .

Do you feel acid comeing up anymore when you are sick ? I,ve had similiar stomach problems but without the sickness and also on lansoprazole but i also take ranitidine aswell especially one at night to stop acid in the night when i,m lay down . Are you on 15 mg or 30 mg ?

Also do you still drink alcohol , as thats a big no no untill it settles , you also need a bland diet and sevearal small meals aday instead of 3 larger ones .
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Old 27-01-11, 17:59
suzy-sue suzy-sue is offline
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Re: 22 year old, Acid Reflux, Cant Swallow, Dry Mouth, Please help!

Cut down on the ciggies too ,and avoid fatty food .My husband has acid reflux and he takes Omeprazole .It works really well .If the Lans doesnt help ask for that .You do need to take it regularly tho and not miss a dose .Im sure it will settle down ..Sue
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Old 27-01-11, 19:45
Maverick01 Maverick01 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2011
Posts: 2
Re: 22 year old, Acid Reflux, Cant Swallow, Dry Mouth, Please help!

I actually don't drink, I have maybe a glass of whiskey and coke now and then, I always feel worse in the mornings with this thing, especially if I've eaten badly, tbh as I may have said, my diet is terrible, basically since I left school, aside from Sunday dinner, I've lives off pot noodles, pizzas, takeaways, choc biscuits by the handful, i used to drink a hell of a lot of milk and eat lots of crisps, no my timings aren't exact with the tablets, I was told to stick roughly the same time of day, that's usually around 12. Sometimes though I eat straight after, mostly cereal, I keep thinking I've been destroying my body, I've put on like a stone a year since I was 18, I'm about 14st12 now and 5ft8
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Old 27-01-11, 19:58
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Greenman50 Greenman50 is offline
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Re: 22 year old, Acid Reflux, Cant Swallow, Dry Mouth, Please help!

Hi mate

Strickly speaking you must not eat for at least 30 minutes or more or the tabs don,t work as they should . Thats what the doc told me . You need to also take them on an empty stomach .

Your Diet is pants and if you alter it you will improve .

The bad stuff... pizzas , tomatoes , onionns , fried food , greasy chips , anything spicy, tea , coffee, coke , fizzy acid drinks etc....

The good stuff..... boiled rice , veg , lean chicken steamed , fruit veg , i,m sure you can see where i,m comeing from .

Try it for a few weeks and things will improve , eat little and often aswell not big meals .

It will take awhile to settle down unfortuneately but it will be worth it .

Good luck with it you can do it :0)
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Old 01-03-11, 09:27
Rickey Rickey is offline
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Re: 22 year old, Acid Reflux, Cant Swallow, Dry Mouth, Please help!

Acid reflux is a problem faced by millions of people today around the world. It’s not a very serious problem but one should not ignore it, they should stop eating food untimely and unhygienic food these are 2 reasons which trigger acid reflux. When the pain is more and unbearable one should go to the doctor and consult him regarding the treatment required.
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Old 16-03-11, 00:06
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honeyp1e honeyp1e is offline
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Re: 22 year old, Acid Reflux, Cant Swallow, Dry Mouth, Please help!

i no this is a few weeks old but just thought i'd share a thought on the symptoms i suffer with abd acid (have it now) today made a stupid mistake and drank some pure orange haven't drank this in a while and now that flipping burning is off in my stomach :( so its my own fault i find with acid all people are all different but you need to stay away from the main culprits citrus fruits/ spicy foods etc these are killers but other things are all trail & error which is a bummer but you will get there in the end i was on those lanzorpazole they gave me bad trembles so am on omprazole now which are working ok i take first thing in morning and the burning stays at bay but i also have gaviscon 20 minutess or so before every meal hope all is well with you now xx
ps... i also have fear of bein sick and when this acid is playing up can really make you feel nause and wanna be sick also i try not to smoke on an empty stomach that makes acid worse if you cant quit x
trying in little steps
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