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Old 14-06-18, 19:42
cricket0148 cricket0148 is offline
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Invisible knot/lump in cheek

I have finally taken the plunge and on July 10, 2018, I am seeing the dentist for the first time in over 20 years and getting my full dentures, finally. I am soo excited, but nervous, but i have chatted with the dentist online and he seems great. My only fear is this freaking kmot i have had inside my cheek for 5 years. it has not changed in size, i cant even see it. i can only feel it. Any idea what in the heck this could be? I know he will be able to tell but im beyond having anxiety about this beforehand.
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Old 14-06-18, 19:51
Fishmanpa Fishmanpa is offline
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Re: Invisible knot/lump in cheek

You're right, he'll be able to tell you but the fact that it's been there for 5 years and hasn't changed bodes well.

Good going on taking that step. I'm sure it was a big one for you!

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Old 14-06-18, 20:05
cricket0148 cricket0148 is offline
New member
Join Date: Oct 2014
Posts: 87
Re: Invisible knot/lump in cheek


OMG!! We chatted frequently about this, remember? How in the world have you been???/ I've often wondered how you were!! Yeah the phone call and the chat with him was nerve wracking but he understands my dental fear. I'm on ZOloft now to help with my anxiet, which helps but the weight gain and appetite surge, not so much lol

I just have been trying to rationalize with myself that its not anything sinister because it cant be seen and definitely no size change, no pain.
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