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Rabies Concerns Rabies concerns
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Old 14-06-18, 20:01
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Rabies scared the ish out of me

so I got bit by my friends dog in april, we live in new york so rabies is rare but not that rare cause recently a rabid fox was running
around biting everyone and they mother, but rabies in dogs is really rare, i didn't think much of it even tho i did get scared a bit. so i asked him and his wife if his dog was good? meaning if his dog is updated with all his shots and stuff. They said yes of course so i wasn't stressing the dog to much, a couple weeks later (boom) my arm starts hurting, i didn't think much of it but then i started googling rabies symptoms and i noticed most of the cases start with arm pain so i started bugging out, so (boom) I call my friend all paranoid saying yo I'm gonna come over i gotta see if your dogs ok he said sure so (boom) i go to his house, this is like 22 days after getting bit and the dog is perfect running around barking all happy, so (boom) i feel better but i still feel some arm pain so (boom) my throat starts hurting, now I'm online everyday reading these human rabies stories and I'm losing my mind not accepting the fact that the dog is ok, but my mind is not ok, so i was reading this story online about a case that happened in cali not to long ago it happened in 2012 and i remembered that i visited cali in march and while i was there i visited muir woods and i remember taking pictures inside one of those tree cavities and i know bats like to sleep or hang out in them things, so now i was really bugging thinking i had rabies, my girl was the one that took the pictures she says there was no bat and no bite so thats impossible, that is true i did not see a bat or feel any bite but i was still bugging regardless, i was pretty positive that i had rabies and that it was to late to get any shots everyone thought i was crazy i could not eat or sleep i was starting to panic around water but i forced my self to drink water every second of the day to make myself believe that i could still swallow, i started having hypnogig hallucinations and i thought i was hearing things i was a complete mess, i went to the hospital i told them about the dog bite i didn't say nothing about the bat because they would of laughed at a invisible bat biting me, so i just mentioned my arm pain and symptoms, they checked my arm and it didn't seem that bad to them and it didn't seem like rabies either, so they sent me home i called my therapist and scheduled a appointment so i can be put on some medication for my anxiety, all my symptoms were from anxiety its crazy how anxiety can really make you feel all these symptoms, I'm doing better now I'm eating I'm sleeping and I'm not reading those human rabies cases any more, my advice to any one going through this is to definitely go see a doctor first and please don't read those cases online, if you didn't see or feel a bat then there was no bat there and if you know you got bit or scratched for sure and if its a dog find out if its vaccinated and keep an eye on it for while for your mental sake and if its a stray animal that bit you then definitely go get it checked out, but most of the time it will be anxiety playing with your head.

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Old 14-06-18, 20:49
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Re: Rabies scared the ish out of me

At last a positive rabies story

“Don't be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life. You don't have to live forever, you just have to live.” - Natalie Babbitt

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Old 14-06-18, 21:46
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Re: Rabies scared the ish out of me

All du respect; can you edit your post because it us unreadable for many with no space between the lines? I would like to read about someone who owercame rabies fear aswell since there seem to be several rabies posts every day here now.
Just a friendly advice. Many would like to read it but for many; like me it is well....unreadable.
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