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General Anxiety / Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) General Anxiety or Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD). Please also read this Website page: Anxiety
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Old 19-08-09, 20:17
auqeam auqeam is offline
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Re: Feels like someone "squeezing" my brain, freaking out..

Thanks again hun, what a great link.
I work in the industry, though not at the airport or anything, and it's actually this that has made me worse, no idea why as there is no real reason. I will definately be taking the book with me though, and I will let you know how it went! There are 6 flights to be done in total so I ought to be a seasoned traveller by the time I get back

You're help has been great xx
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Old 20-08-09, 14:57
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evita evita is offline
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Re: Feels like someone "squeezing" my brain, freaking out..

No problem, glad to help even a little bit! Have a great trip, "darn" the flights and anxiety, just enjoy and give yourself a holiday from your worries too. Let me know how it went
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Old 24-08-09, 20:24
sharona's Avatar
sharona sharona is offline
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Re: Feels like someone "squeezing" my brain, freaking out..

Hi All

Sorry but its so reasurring that other people get the same symptoms as you as you really think you are going mad.

My anxiety started with a tight headband feeling and diziness, I swore I had something wrong me with, anyway, 4 months down the line, I have been on anti-depressants which made my head worse.

I still get the tightness around the head, blurred vision and tinitess but today I had awful head pressure which really frightened me but I HAVE to accept that its all to do with my anxiety which comes out in my head.I also feel like my brain is moving around and it really affects my ears.

I am also now a bit scared of flying so thanks for the tips.

I have had an MRI scan of my ear but it came back clear, I am now going to have a dopler scan which looks at the cartoid artery in your neck.

I totally agree with what was said about one symptom disappearing and another one appearing. I have got health anxiety really bad now, made worse by all the symptoms I get.

I am really fed up and depressed about it all but I really do try and not think about it but its so hard.(Feeling sorry for myself now)

I wish you all good health and hope your anxiety panic gets better.

Take care

Sharona xxx
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Old 24-08-09, 20:54
bobobob bobobob is offline
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Re: Feels like someone "squeezing" my brain, freaking out..

Ohhhh Ohhhh I recognise that... Squeesing of the brain. pressure. Takes me back a bit. It hurts, don't know what to do. Nobody understands. This is a great place to talk over things. You will get great advice.
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brain, feels, freaking, squeezing

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