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Panic / Panic Attacks Panic and Panic Attacks. Please also read this Website page: Panic Attacks
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Old 05-11-06, 11:18
sammy46 sammy46 is offline
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I have recently joined the gym (nothing too fancy - just the local council one) and now find that when I try to go I have a panic attack.

I have never been to a gym before and I was expecting it to take a bit of time to get into the swing of it but this is just ridiculous. I went yesterday morning, got on the bike and when I held onto the heart rate monitors my heart was going at 140 bpm before I had done anything!

I thought that exercise was meant to be good for panic and stress, and as I am not really feelig stressed at the moment I thought everything would be fine.

Has anyone else ever had this sort of problem and, if so, what did they do to overcome it. I know I could ride out the the panic attack at the gym by sitting on a machine and waiting until my heart stopped racing, but the gym is busy and I am not sure that people would appreciate someone wasting time.


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Old 05-11-06, 11:44
Cobweb Cobweb is offline
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: , , United Kingdom.
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Hi Sammy

You can do this! You have done really well so far, joining the gym and actually going in. There's only a real small piece of work to go and you will be there 100%. I would suggest you choose the easiest piece of equipment (eg bike) and then just sit there and pedal slowly. Ignore the heart monitor. Try to concentrate on the music or the tv screen. Set yourself really small goals, like say after one minute you will reward yourself with a little sip of water from the water bottle and then set yourself another one min to pedal again. If it gets real bad, get up, go back to the locker room, use the loo, and go back again. Stick with it. Try to ignore the others and what they might be thinking (they are probably terrified as well, I know I was!) You could also think about using the gym during a quieter time (I found first thing was best) until you get used it to. Well done on actually doing. Big pat on the back. Good luck with your next attempt. Cobweb
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Old 05-11-06, 11:56
LickeyEndBlues LickeyEndBlues is offline
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Well done Sam you actually got in there. As Cobweb says ignore the heart stuff at the moment. Just familiarise yourself with the surroundings and the equipment. Have a go at the various bits and then maybe have an assessment.

Let us know how you get on.


Laissez les bon temp roulez
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Old 05-11-06, 12:19
Paddington's Avatar
Paddington Paddington is offline
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well done you!I joined two gyms ,had panics and felt self concious so never went back!!So i do know how you are feeling.That was before i joined here tho!!You CAN do this ,every one will support you,hey you may be my insperation to try again,!!!Love mary rose.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

we are all in the same boat and can guide each other ashore
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Old 05-11-06, 12:48
honeybee3939's Avatar
honeybee3939 honeybee3939 is offline
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Hi Sam

Well done for joining the gym, i have been going to my local gym the last 2 months , at first i found it hard, like you i could feel the panic rising and my pulse was high on the machines.
It was busy when i first started which made me nervous so i had a word with the gym instructor to see when the quietest time was to attend, also i started doing just a couple on minutes on each peice of equipment to get used to it all, and i now dont put my hands on the Pulse Monitor on the equipment as i couldnt take my eyes of it and of course because i was expecting my pulse to rise my anxiety would kick in and sure enough the pulse monitor would show high readings. Its got easier as the weeks have passed and i must say i am feeling the benefits. So keep at it, you dont have to work hard to start off with, 3 minutes at a time and then when you go again add another extra minute or two.


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Old 05-11-06, 20:35
devon_guy devon_guy is offline
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You're definitely doing the right thing but I know exactly how you feel. I am seeing a cardiologist on Wednesday as I am getting so breathless so easily and this has actually stopped me going to the gym as it worries me when I should really be going to help get myself fitter but am waiting until the cardiologist has seen me.

What's for you won't go by you
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Old 06-11-06, 01:12
Lilac Lilac is offline
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I also would like to exercise more. My problem is bad palpitations and breathlessness tight chest etc. I have been for a couple of ECG's, the treadmill test which was fine and last week an ECHOcardiogram and they haven't found anything wrong yet. My Doctor mentioned the ECG I wore for a week showed some Atrial fibrilation!!! which made my anxiety worse after I Googled this!!!!!
Its only in the past few weeks since I have been taking Beta Blockers that I have been able to resume walking my dog without experiencing
tightness in chest and palpitations. I still sometimes get these when walking but then I also get them whilst resting and more often they are worse when lying in bed.
Its a puzzle just wish I could find out whats wrong with me or be 100% re-assured there is nothing wrong so I can exercise as normal without fear.
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