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OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Please also read this Website page: OCD
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Old 10-10-06, 20:18
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Does this count as OCD?

Hey ho!

I've had a couple of ''habits'' that i've had since i was a kid, which were just sort of passed off as me being me and i wondered if it was OCD related?

I seperate all the food on my plate (i used to have sunday roast and if my dad put the food on the wrong place on the plate i had to move it around before i ate it and if it touched i would avoid it), I check my walls at night to see if anything is on them, all my books are in alphabetical and size order as are my videos, i am always tapping my feet, i used to have to touch all the buttons on the sky remote an equal number of times if i was playing with them and i don't like touching other peoples hands because i think they don't bother to wash them as much as me and they might be dirty!

Typing it out now, it does sound quite suspect to me...oh well roll on friday!
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Old 11-10-06, 16:07
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i think it does sound like you have OCD--if these habits are worrying you, maybe seeing ur GP would be a good idea, so that u can try to sort this out. im on Zoloft 100mg and that has helped a lot, so maybe it's worth looking into? either way, whether u hav OCD or not, help is out there and things will get better for u

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