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Old 12-01-07, 14:02
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White cells in sperm count?

I am really concerned and doing my best not to google because I know I will scare myself.

My dh put in his first sperm sample on 2nd Jan, he had a vasectomy in June last year. He had a letter today to say they were unable to test it due to large amount of white blood cells in the sperm.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing it? the lab did not investigate it further, the vasectomy dept said they had sent a result to his GP, his GP doesn't know anything more than my hubby does. His GP is very angry because its not his field and he can't reassure my husband.

My dh's GP has said to come and see him in a week, he will do some background reading and hopefully be able to get to the bottom of it.

Me being a worrywart im frightened there is something wrong. DH hasn't had a water infection or anything, all he had at the time of the sample was an ear infection. Our GP said it could possibly be the sample was done too soon and we should take extra precautions for another 3 months to be safe and he said maybe dh had an infection after the op thats now coming away in the sperm.

Please don't let me google

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Old 12-01-07, 15:01
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Hi Jem,

Whatever you do don't google , i can guarantee you will come up with some life threatening illness for him. I wouldn't worry too much just now and let your doctor research it.
Usually raised white blood count/cells means that the body is fighting infection, so its quite possible that the ear infection could have caused this result, and as he has no other symptoms or feeling unwell i'm sure everything is fine. Let us know how it goes and please '' Don't Google''.

Take care

shirley xx

'' I am an optimist, but I'm an optimist who carries a raincoat. '' - Harold Wilson
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Old 12-01-07, 15:27
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No I won't google.

A friend of mine looked for me on the net and found its very common after vasectomy and also its caused by innocent infections after the op. So it could be related to that, there was no mention of cancer or anything so im alot more calm now.

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