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Old 09-09-13, 11:51
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Blurry eye, headaches

Been doing soo well past few weeks! However I'm now really worried about my eye. I get a lot of excema around my eyes And for the past 2 weeks it's flared up quite bad but I've been using my normal creams and its healed quite well. However last week I noticed my left eye (eyeball ) has become more blurry, I've got more eye floaters than normal and I feel like I've constantly got something stuck in it. I also feel when I look at something my left eye seems darker. But my eye itself is not painful.. I went to the doctors about it as I needed more cream anyway she looked at my eye for about 2 seconds before saying "oh it's just because of your excema - it's got into your eye and it's become a bit sore" so I tried not to worry and take her word for it but a week later my excema has healed well but my eye sight is getting worse! I've also been feeling a bit of pressure in my left ear and had a few headaches but no more than normal. (I also have sinus problems and generally feel some sort of pressure in my head somewhere) but now obviously I'm worrying it could be a tumour. I had a CT scan last year to check my sinuses and i was worried about a tumour back then but all was ok. Would the next step be to go to the opticians? I last went in november last year. Or maybe I should just wait it out. I'm trying not to go to the doctors too often any more. Thanks
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Old 09-09-13, 15:37
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Re: Blurry eye, headaches

Hi i would go to the optician or try and get refered to an eye specialist, gps are lovely and are great but they do not always know the ins and outs of things particuarly eyes, i am sure it will not be a tumour, but you may have caused damage to it, so its best to get it sorted out good luck blessings
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blurry, eye, headaches

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