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Old 06-01-07, 13:38
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i have a wisdom teeth coming out very slowly on the top right and have been getting head and ear pain mostly on the right side, is there a connection?

has anyone else had this before?

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Old 06-01-07, 14:15
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What do you want to know about toothaches? I can tell you EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!
I'd had a cavity in my wisdom tooth and it caused all sorts of horrendous pain. I had earaches, headaches, shoulder and arm pain, shooting pains in my cheeks that was as if someone was sending electric currents through my face. I have endured (in the last year) possibly 6 months of tooth pain. FOUR extractions later i am (touch wood) tooth pain free. I seriously believed that when my wisdom tooth needed to be taken out i would die before it was done. I was in that much pain i cried constantly, lived off doctors perscribed STRONG pain meds (which didn't work in the end), didn't sleep, didn't eat, couldn't drink hot drinks or very cold drinks, it was (next to my throat abscess) the worst pain i've ever encountered, worse than child birth!!!!
The pain you are experiencing is completely normal.
When mine were coming through i could barely open my mouth, it even caused me to give up my 2 a day smoking habit because the pain of holding the ciggie in my mouth was too much to bare.
I used a wonderful local anethestic gel from the pharmacy called Orejel or something like that. Its numbs the area wonderfully. During my tooth agony i've tried everything, but that IS the best.
Sarah x
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Old 07-01-07, 10:31
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hi, i had them taking out cuz of the headaches, yes they do cuz problems.

nicole lainesse
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Old 07-01-07, 22:22
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About 20 years ago I went to the Doctor's with ear ache. I was told it was my teeth and felt annoyed that she was passing the buck to the dentist. I went to a dentist who told me I needed to have my top two wisdom teeth out as they were growing without any space. Rubbish I thought, I'll get a second opinion. So off I went to another dentist who told me the same thing. I had them out and the ear ache went completely. What was funny, I didn't even know I had top wisdom teeth.

Kay x
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Old 21-06-09, 17:59
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I am so glad i am not the only one out there that is suffering with ear ache whilst my wisdom teeth r growing thru. I am hyper sensitive to my computer at work & its getting me down with all the whirring im picking up on. Do u think its to do with my wisdom teeth?? Anyone help me so i dont feel crazy!!
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earache, teeth, wisdom

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