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Panic / Panic Attacks Panic and Panic Attacks. Please also read this Website page: Panic Attacks
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Old 28-01-09, 21:39
stm93 stm93 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2008
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Pain in your diaphragm

I noticed that after long period of anxiety and stressing out my panic attack begins with sharp pain in my diaphragm area, or somewhere just below your chest, making me automatically think it's heart related, surge of adrenalin and crazy/irregular heartbeat follows.
Does anyone have this too??
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Old 29-01-09, 10:42
anna66's Avatar
anna66 anna66 is offline
New member
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Re: Pain in your diaphragm

Yes, it was how my whole situation started!
I have been much better since xmas, a new year has helped, positive thinking and ignoring these weird sensations that anxiety gives us!
If you haven't already, ask your doc for an ecg. It put my mind at rest, even though I sort of knew deep down it wasn't my heart.
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Old 29-01-09, 18:05
schwarav's Avatar
schwarav schwarav is offline
Join Date: Jan 2009
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Re: Pain in your diaphragm

Yes, happens to me all the time.

Last semester, before I got on medication, It was REALLY really bad. I would get these odd pain sensations in my chest, diaphragm, and areas in my back. When it occured, I would immediately assume it was either my heart or my lungs (I'm a smoker).

However, when the semester ended, I finished my exams, I went to my family doctor, got checked out, perscribed some anxiety beds, then I went to a cardiologist. Had an EKG done, wore a holter for 24 hours (monitors the heart's hiccups) and I had resting echocardiogram AND a stress echocardiogram and both came back fine. Which put my mind at ease.

Since then, I've been on medication and do MUCH better, knowing that there is nothing physically wrong with me.

I suggest realizing that these pains are associated with Anxiety and more often than not, it's nothing serious. In addition to that, go to your doctor and tell him/her about every worry about your health that you have. It will really put your mind at ease to realize that there is nothing actually wrong with you.

Remember, the mind is very powerful organ. Pain can come from nowhere and for no obvious reason.

Good Luck

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Old 30-01-09, 11:42
stm93 stm93 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2008
Posts: 40
Re: Pain in your diaphragm

I've done tests, ECG and 24h monitor, and in theory my mind should be at ease. But after that I've started feeling even more pains all over by body, especially in my chest, I get tired extremely quickly, and ectopics follow any exercise I do. Why am I feeling this when I know that I should not be worried? And I'm not, but these pains make me depressed and disabled...
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Old 30-01-09, 17:44
Anxious_gal Anxious_gal is offline
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Re: Pain in your diaphragm

wow the pain sounds pretty bad. I don't get these pains. maybe keep a journal of when you get these pains so it might give you a better idea if its just anxiety or not?
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Old 08-03-09, 11:51
june june is offline
Advanced Member
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Re: Pain in your diaphragm

I just googled "diaphragm pain"
and i came up with this post
It is hard to describe an area of pain - i tried to 'copy' pictures of med sites so that i could mark out where my pain actually is - i need to see a logical reason for a pain - any pain from ribs down is almost always classed as being IBS. this does not really help
- my pain feels as if i had worn a belt tooo tight and it has bruised the bottom of my ribs.
The pain only last seconds but the residue of ""what happened / how serious / will it happen again ?"" just terrifies me.
Feeling sorry for myself at the moment and very sad
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Old 08-03-09, 12:26
giddy's Avatar
giddy giddy is offline
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Re: Pain in your diaphragm

I get a sharp pain in my left hand side just below my breast. It comes and goes. It could be a variety of things - bad posture, your lungs sticking to your rib then popping off (very common - not as bad as it sounds!), also the top of your stomach is there so it could just be gas.
Heart problems tend to be in the centre of your chest, radiating outwards and feel more like a pressure on the chest or ache rather than a sharp pain. Possibly by worrying about it you are making the pains worse and if you start to expect ectopics after exercise then you can bet they will appear - thats the delight of anxiety!!! Take care
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Old 08-03-09, 14:24
june june is offline
Advanced Member
Join Date: Apr 2007
Posts: 895
Re: Pain in your diaphragm

Thank you for that reply I really believe it is just as you said - and believe it or not - what i have been trying to tell myself all morning
If only i could believe in myself
But you are right - when someone else says it it becomes real
Thank you (again) for your reply
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Old 08-03-09, 20:00
Dazo's Avatar
Dazo Dazo is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2008
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Re: Pain in your diaphragm

I have this quit often lately.
It hurts really bad and it like a tight band around my stomache that sets big pressure on my kideys too.
Hurts to breath deep.

I went to the emergency once with that and they did alot of test and scans, nothing wrong and they gave me a shot of something that looses the muscles and everything went away.

I dont know if you mean what i describe but i have it sometimes and alot lately. Dont like it at all, it scares me much even though i checked it.

/ Daniel
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Old 09-03-09, 09:15
june june is offline
Advanced Member
Join Date: Apr 2007
Posts: 895
Re: Pain in your diaphragm

I think of this pain as being like (what i imagine) an "electric shock" short sharp very painful -just under ribs.
Comes on very unexpected - BUT then the fear of it happening again - is dreadful...
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diaphragm, pain

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