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Old 20-03-09, 01:06
mattc15 mattc15 is offline
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Lump on left side of head right above ear! Verry worried, please help :(

Hi everyone. about a week or so ago i had noticed a small lump on the side of my head right above my ear on the left side. I squeezed it thinking it was a zit and some puss came out of it. now a week later it is still there and i am worried that it might be some kind of cancer. Im 22 year old male. I also have had a lump inside my earlobe on the same side which is much smaller and circular in shape. Doesnt hurt but is very worrysome for me. Anybody know what this may be?
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Old 20-03-09, 04:10
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Re: Lump on left side of head right above ear! Verry worried, please help :(

The lump on your head is probably the remains of an infection. It takes a while for the lump to go away after the pus has come out. Don't know what the lump in your ear lobe is, but the chances of either of them being cancer is so remote that even in someone older I wouldn't even consider it. At your age, the chances are even more remote. But do see a doc if you are really worried, then you will know for sure.
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Old 01-04-09, 04:45
aveeava aveeava is offline
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Re: Lump on left side of head right above ear! Verry worried, please help :(

sounds to me like you have some cysts i have one on my left shoulder and it causes pain but its not harmful just painful and annoying
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Old 01-04-09, 08:30
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Re: Lump on left side of head right above ear! Verry worried, please help :(

Even after you've popped a cyst it can take a while for the lumps to go, sometimes they need popping again.

I definatley don't think it's cancer :] x
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