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Thread: Anxiety by association

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    Anxiety by association

    Here's a thought for you...

    When you suffer bad bouts of anxiety, often the things you do whist you are anxious become triggers for anxiety themself because your mind remembers the way you feel last time you did that particular thing.

    When you get anxiety, try to do as many things you can that you do not usually do and avoid some of the normal things you may do during the day.

    For instance, if you spend a lot of your lunch time at Bobs Diner, whilst you are anxious, try to have luch every somewhere else, and a apply this to as many aspects of your life as you can. That way when the anxiety subsides and you return to your normal routine, there will be less things around you to remind you of your anxious feelings.

    For me, when i get anxious and then manage to control my anxiety, sometimes i get bad uncomfortable feeling when i do some things, simply because i have managed to associate that activity with my anxious feelings.

    By packing as many different things into your day when you are anxious, not only do you stop accosiating activities with anxiety, you also take you mind off the reasons for your anxiety.

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    Yup, Im the same. I once got anxious about car travel because I had a panic attack in a car, took me almost a year to get over that. More recently, I started feeling a bit anxious when I had a shower because not long ago I had my first panic attack in ages, in the shower.

    I'm not sure about the doing different things tho. Its ok in theory but you may want or need to do that thing in the future and you might get anxious about it by assosiaction where as if its something you do regularly, like showering (i hope! ) you can work on getting ove that unnecessary anxious feeling. It depends what it is I suppose.

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    It's just my high anxiety getting to the best of me. I call him Bingbongilypoop. Then I can laugh at him cos he has a funny name. HAHA! [points]

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