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Thread: smear test with additional hpv test

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    smear test with additional hpv test

    hi ive had my routine smear the other day and they now do an HPV test along with the smear to see if im carrying the virus that can sometimes lead to cervical cancer and they will beable to tell you if your high risk or not in the future although i think its a good thing im now not just worrying about my smear results but the HPV results as well x

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    Re: smear test with additional hpv test

    There are 100s of types of HPV 2 which can cause cancer, some that cause warts but often your own body can rid its self of the virus.
    I think it's great they do HPV tests too
    Getting tested doesn't mean you have it

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    Re: smear test with additional hpv test

    got my results this morning they normal thank goodness x

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    Re: smear test with additional hpv test

    I don't do either, my Dr offers them to me and I refuse. I looked into it and found that the smear can cause alot of damage and too many women are referred for unneccessary treatment. If I had any reason to be worried then I'd get checked out but if I have no need to be worried then I won't do it. Alot of the time the 'abnormal' results will clear up by themselves if the body allows it. Womens bodies aren't built to breakdown and there are too many different forms of cancer. If they screened everyone for every type of cancer going we'd all always be in hospital. I say live your life and enjoy it. These tests cause us all unneccesary worry for no reason.

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    Re: smear test with additional hpv test

    ^^^ entitled to your own opinion. But PLEASE dont advise other people not to go for their smear test. Cervical cancer is the most prevantable form of cancer. The treatment is not invasive, I have had a colopscopy, they just monitor cell changes, they only remove the cells if they have to so the above post is not accurate.

    The smear test really takes 5 minutes, and is no different to any other exam 'down there'.

    HPV positive no cell changes- re test for HPV in one year.
    CIN1(low grade cell changes)- they watch and wait as these often clear themselves on their own.
    CIN2/CIN3- moderate cell changes, likely to get removed as these are much more likely to become cancer and more unlikely to clear themselves.

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