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Thread: Constant tierdness on Traz ..Anyone

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    Constant tierdness on Traz ..Anyone

    Hi guys
    Are you always tired on Traz...I am tired all day and night.been on them now for 2 months.. When i feel tired I feel low and moody.. any idea ...Surely this can go on like this every day..

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    Re: Constant tierdness on Traz ..Anyone

    Traz makes me tired when I take my 150mg dose of it. I generally take half of my 100mg tablet instead and just break up my total dose through out the day to prevent me from becoming extremely groggy.

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    Re: Constant tierdness on Traz ..Anyone

    I take my 600 mgs at night which helps me get a sleep for a wee while.

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    Re: Constant tierdness on Traz ..Anyone

    Definitely. It has helped me sleep but I haven't woken up refreshed in a long long time.

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    Re: Constant tierdness on Traz ..Anyone

    Still taking 600 at night however sometimes I still don't sleep that great.

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    Re: Constant tierdness on Traz ..Anyone

    I'm on 150mg and I am exhausted every day. I never used to sleep much until I started taking it and now I can easily sleep 8/9 hours a night. The tiredness is affecting my life so badly I am now changing to Venlafaxine.

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    Re: Constant tierdness on Traz ..Anyone

    Quote Originally Posted by gregcool View Post
    Hi guys
    Are you always tired on Traz...I am tired all day and night.been on them now for 2 months.
    Are you taking this at low doses for insomnia, or at above 200mg as an antidepressant? If the latter, are you on an immediate- or slow-release formulation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SallyCinnamon View Post
    I'm on 150mg and I am exhausted every day.
    This is because you're probably on a sub therapeutic dose for anxiety/depression. Trazodone only reliably begins to become an effective antidepressant at about 200-225mg/day. Below this it mostly only acts as a very sedating antihistamine plus 5-HT2A antagonist. The slow-release version (Oleptro) is usually less sedating as it better maintains blood levels above the sedation threshold. The usual dose range is 300-600mg.

    I recommend reading Stephen Stahl's "Mechanism of Action of Trazodone: a Multifunctional Drug" (PDF) for insights on this, imho much underrated, antidepressant.

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    Re: Constant tierdness on Traz ..Anyone

    It's an ancient thread, PDU, Greg has greatly moved on since then with his treatment. The Olanzapine was knocking him out big time.
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    Re: Constant tierdness on Traz ..Anyone

    Hey terry says this is a very old thread..i ended up on 250mg for a long time which was making me sleep for hrs along side my olanzipine..iv been on 100ml now for a few months because the doctors have assessed me and decided they are going to put me on something eles and fade out the trazzadone as its sleep aid has stoped working now and is not helping my mental health in any way.since getting down to 100ml my sleep is so minimal,very broken sleep every night.i will wake at least 4 times over a 7 hr period and eventualy wake around 6am and im up..even with this briken sleep im.not waking nakered or dont know whats going on nervious about starting a new medication because iv allways had realy bad side effects on any medication iv tried..i dont know what this new med will be as yet,but will do in a couple of weeks after the doctors have decided on which one to try me on
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    Re: Constant tierdness on Traz ..Anyone

    Yes it makes me tired too. Unless this i can't sleep but when i get up i feel so tired and takes long time to refresh. May be its a common problem, so don't be worried.

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