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Thread: 50mg > 100mg dosage increase advice

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    Cool 50mg > 100mg dosage increase advice

    Hi there,

    I would just liek to start off with a bit about my condition and background. I have been suffering with anxiety for about 3 years since a relationship breakdown which led to depression and severe panic. I finally went to my gp for help back iin june 2012 where she prescribed me sertraline initiial dose of 25mg.

    at first it seemed to make things worse when i increased to 50/100mg so i stayed on 50mg wherei finally started to stabilise for about 6months.

    Recently i have been feeling a little blue and a bit "foggy" with some of my anxiety symptoms starting to return. Should i increase my dosage up to 100mg now after i have been on this med for quite a while?
    My initial agreement with my doctor was to gradually build up to 100mg in 25 increments but when i first started the med it made things worse as if i was increasing to fast.

    I have taken 75mg instead of my usual 50mg for 3 days now and i feel a little bit better. will i see big improvements increasing to 100mg? the med has helped with my anxious thoughts and they have less power over me but im still unsure whether i have felt the true effect of this med. I didnt seem to think i was depressed initially but now i starteing to believe i was.

    Im male 23 , Height 6ft2 150 pounds

    any advice would be greatly appreciated


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    Re: 50mg > 100mg dosage increase advice


    I've been taking sertraline for 3 years. Started on 50mg, then I think after a few months I went up to 100mg. I'm mostly stable on this dose but last week I saw a locum GP when my anxiety was bad who suggested increasing to 200mg. I tried it for a few days but I felt so shaky, my teeth were chattering constantly.

    200mg is the max dose, 50mg is the sort of minimum normal dose, so 100mg is in the middle and it seems to work for me most of the time. My current anxiety has been triggered by circumstances but the 100mg is normally enough to keep my moods stable and my anxiety at bay. It's not a dramatic difference but I think it is worth keeping up the 100mg dose.
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