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Thread: Please help - feeling awful

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    Please help - feeling awful

    I am feeling terrible. I have been in a terrible anxiety state for months now, with loads of life stresses. I have just been diagnosed with TMJ at the hospital and thought I'd feel a bit better, but I feel worse than ever. On Thursday I went back to the dentist as I just can't believe it, but she said it was and is making me a mouth guard. We were then going to visit my mother in law, who lives 150 miles away. This meant staying over, in our motorhome. We went into the supermarket en route and, as I started to go into the shop I suddenly had this pain in the back of my head and felt sick and panicky. Well, that was it, I was crying, and just wanted to go home. We continued on our journey but I just couldn't calm down. The next day all the relatives came round and I felt so unwell and kept breaking down and couldn't go into the restaurant.

    When we came home the next day, my sister came round and she and my husband kept on and on about me going to the GP and taking meds, but I am so scared of meds. Either that or get me admitted to a mental hospital. I got so distressed that my TMJ has been agony since. I also am getting these sick headaches, that just come out of nowhere, and panicking all the time and crying. I am so scared. I have some diazepam but the last one I took I felt really unwell and the two occasions before that I felt shaky and panicky one hour after I took them. Don't know if its the meds or my anxiety, but now too scared to take one. I just don't feel well but I don't know if I am really ill with something or is it all stress and anxiety. I feel so alone.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Re: Please help - feeling awful

    Hey Sweetheart, stop and breathe...

    ...and ask yourself, would taking meds possibly be any worse than this?
    All manner of thing shall be well... (Julian of Norwich)

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    Re: Please help - feeling awful

    Print out what you have posted here and go and show it to your Dr. You have no need to try and explain anything just hand over the paper and say please read this and take it from there.

    Your anxiety is off the scale and you need to do something about it. The Dr can treat your anxiety while also investigating anything they thnk needs investigating.

    How high a dose of diazepam have you got?? Usually its only either 2mg or 5mg and if its 2mg then it would not have made you feel like you have described. It sounds like you panicked after taking it worrying about any side effects. They can make you feel spaced out and light headed and heavy limbed but not in a really bad way usually a more this feels nice way.

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    Re: Please help - feeling awful

    What you describe is extreme anxiety. It will pass, but you need help and reassurance that's all. All will be well. You've had a lot of stress lately and if possible try and find a way of calming down.X

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