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Thread: Sertraline Nausea & Loss of Appetite

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    Sertraline Nausea & Loss of Appetite

    Hiya folks,
    just wondering when you were starting sertraline how long did you have nausea & loss of appetite for ?

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    Re: Sertraline Nausea & Loss of Appetite

    I still have little appetite. My nausea wasn't too bad but I did get the runs (sorry) last week, but I seem better. I am now on my 5th week (3rd week on 100mg). I hope you will feel better soon

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    Re: Sertraline Nausea & Loss of Appetite

    Yeah i experienced nausea, but it went within a week of being on sertraline! its worse if u dont eat before u take it, u should make sure u have a full stomach before taking it

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