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Thread: Nausea & no appetite how long

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    Nausea & no appetite how long

    I started sertraline yesterday 50mg and within 2 hours had to run to the toilet of which I had to several times during the day .
    Today my second day and it's not so bad but I haven't ate anything now for 2 days as I have zero appetite .
    I am also on mirtizapine but normally gives you a big appetite but since starting on this I havea a upset stomach and feel pretty sick all day .
    Hopefully this is just start up affects and will subside but how long?
    I am willing to give this my best shot but just wanted to know how long this will go on for .

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    Re: Nausea & no appetite how long

    Hey! I was coming off mirtazapine whilst going onto sertraline and it really gave me bad nausea! Lost my appetite for quite a while to be honest but survived on pasta and Bananas!!! My Dr said not to take sertraline and mirtazapine at the same time and thats what was causing my stomach issues, tho ive read about quite a few people who take both together.

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    Re: Nausea & no appetite how long

    Hi, yes my pdoc said that mirtizapine and sertraline are fine together as she has had a lot of success with that combo .
    Everybody is different though , I just hope the nausea / upset stomach stops which I didn't have before starting the sertraline .
    I know I should sleep ok anyway as the mirt is pretty good for that .

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    Re: Nausea & no appetite how long

    Can you find tetleys ginger mint tea in your stores, it is second best to Lemon Balm but works.

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    Re: Nausea & no appetite how long

    I've been on 50mg Sertraline for 3 weeks and I lost all appetite and felt sick for first 2 weeks solid. The nausea went away after 2 weeks though but my appetite is still not good and still have to regularly force feed.

    I lost 7 kgs in those 2 weeks as all I could manage was half a sandwich and the odd drink of Complan - not good as I wasn't over weight in the first place.

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    Re: Nausea & no appetite how long

    I had nausea for around the first 3weeks really bad, couldn't even look at food.
    Didn't eat for days, and lost over a stone in the first month.
    I've still not put the weight on 3months later, although I am eating normal again now?
    Regarding the nausea there's not a lot you can do to stop it, I tried all kinds of anti sickness tablets but no joy? Just try and eat little and often?
    It's horrible I know!

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    Re: Nausea & no appetite how long

    Still got a bad stomach but the runs are not so bad .
    I am on mirtizapine as well at night which hopefully will give me some appetite so I will hang in there on these 2 meds as my pdoc reckons it's a good combination so we will see .
    Thanks all for replying

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