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Thread: All kinds of issues going nuts

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    All kinds of issues going nuts

    for the past 10-15 years (maybe even 20 yrs) I have experienced rectal bleeding (on toilet paper only) after bowel movements and sometimes it burns/is sore after the BM for a few minutes. I am 38 yrs old. Usually only a drop or so unless I really strained then it might be some more. I have never really thought much of it. A few docs always told me it was probably piles/fissures. I might of even had a doc feel up there years back and feel a hemmie but I cannot remember as I have had so many weird exams and seen so many doctors for my hypochondria. At my annual physical a few months back when I described it to the doc he said it did sound like piles but didnt do any tests. But my CBC blood work was and has been normal for years. I have the morning rush as far as my BMs are concerned. I go 1-3 times in the morning when I wake up and then after I eat. Sometimes its normal and sometimes its thin - usually hotdog shaped and usually on the looser end.

    Recently, I have felt a weird tightness is my left abdomen around the rib area thats been going on for a about 6 weeks. My stomach feels tight when I sit and when I relax at night to sleep. Its like there is a knot there in the left side and it moves around. Its not related to bowels/eating as far as I can tell. I went to the docs and they thought it was a muscular injury. They felt everywhere and couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. They didnt even order a scan but said they could if I really wanted but they didnt think it was necessary. Lymph nodes were normal, I have tons of energy, etc. This is a good doc too who doesnt dismiss me. Last year I had a pulled muscle in my groin which I thought was testi cancer and they told me it wasnt but they agreed to the ultrasound which of course was normal. I have 'had' like 20 other diseases that my doctors have given me tests for and they were always fine. I am male, very healthy diet, exercise all the time, etc. so it was very easy for the doc to feel my stomach and such as I have like 0% bodyfat. I feel like I have colon cancer because maybe the rectal bleeding is cancer and it was growing and now this tightness is something bad. On some rational level I realize I probably do have a fissure/piles because its been so many years and I am on the younger end for cancer and that this tightness is probably muscular and my anxiety all bunched up into one. I recently had a friend diagnosed with cancer and this is has taken my anxiety from a 1 to a 10. My stomach is going nuts. I definitely do have IBS, that for sure. But I am freaking out and feel like I need a CT Scan of stomach and a colonoscopy to be sure. It will cost a lot and put me through stress to even get these tests. Should I just be chalking this up to anxiety and move on? Or should I be going back to the docs to get these tests?
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    Re: All kinds of issues going nuts

    I'm sure if its just on the toilet paper and a brighter red then it is just coming from the outside. The knot you feel I bet is just from worrying about it. I think if your doctor was concerned at all they would have you do more tests but it sounds like you've already passed all of them. I've had this knot feeling in my back just at the bottom of my shoulder blade which has had me worried now but I'm pretty sure its muscular but I can't make my brain believe it. Let us know what ends up going on with you.

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